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1CRM Payments

Easy to use credit card and electronic check processing that are integrated right into your 1CRM for seamless, secure payment processing.


1CRM Integrated Payments allows you to accept credit card and ACH payments from customers right in your CRM software.

See how you can streamline your sales process by connecting payments to your 1CRM software.

Activate Payments

The first step is to give us a call. In about 15 minutes we can start the process to get your integrated merchant account set up.

Accept Payments

Accept credit, debit and ACH payments right from your sales order or customer page in 1CRM without ever leaving your software.

Get Paid

Once the transaction is completed, the funds are automatically deposited into your checking account within 24 hours!



Integrated With 1CRM

Easy to use credit card payments that are native to 1CRM and allow you to process sales without leaving the software.

Get Paid Fast

With payments for 1CRM, you don’t wait for days or weeks to receive money. Just make the sale and funds are deposited in 24 hours.

PCI Secure Transactions

All credit card and ACH transactions are tokenized and encrypted to ensure that payment data is secure for both you and your customer.

Payment Reconciliation

Say goodbye to manual reconciliation! Because payments are processed within 1CRM, all your transactions are updated automatically.

Now you can get paid easier and faster using 1CRM

Complete payment integration with 1CRM

Get paid faster, and reduce double-data entry and keying errors by using 1CRM as your centralized location for payment processing.  No more extra steps of having to process transactions in one system and then transfer it manually to 1CRM.   Plus, all sales, returns, and credits are tracked and reconciled automatically as well.

Pricing customized for how you do business

Not all businesses are the same and not all payment processing is created equal. Instead of “one size fits all”, we set your pricing based on your type of business as well as how you do business.  B2B, B2C, large average sales, international orders - little things that can make a big difference.  Understanding the details allows us to reduce your costs by customizing pricing to fit the types of cards that you accept and  the customers you serve.

Accept credit cards and ACH

With our 1CRM integration, you have the ability to accept all forms of payment from your customers.  This includes Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express as well as ACH Electronic Checks.  More options creates flexibility making it easier for customers to purchase and pay.

Secure, PCI compliant transactions

In today's financial environment, security is of key importance.  That's why our secure platform encrypts every transaction done through 1CRM to ensure the safety of sensitive payment data, reducing a your PCI liability and increasing customer confidence when making payments.

Simple, transparent reporting

Looking for transaction data and sales reporting couldn't be easier.  By using our online management portal, you can quickly review customer specific
transaction history detailing sales, returns as well as any declines or errors.

Level 2 | Level 3 Processing

For companies that deal in the Business to Business marketplace, our ability to process cards as Level 2 and 3 transactions will allow you to automatically receive better pricing qualifications on those cards translating to decreased processing costs and substantial monthly and annual savings.



Get customized payment pricing for 1CRM

No two businesses are alike. The way you accept cards and the type of cards you process all make a difference. That’s why we customize your payment processing to fit not only your business but how you do business. If you are new to accepting payments, we have some of the lowest rates in the industry. If you are currently processing, our goal is to reduce your current costs and add value by integrating your payments into your 1CRM.

  • Full integration with 1CRM
  • Automatic reconciliation with no data entry
  • Debit, Credit and ACH acceptance
  • No start up costs
  • End-to-end security
  • Custom rates and fees save you money
  • Recurring Billing
  • Level 2 | Level 3 processing
  • No monthly minimums
  • Funds deposited in 24 hours

Get Started

Get Started

Get Started

Call 866-949-7267 to speak with a 1CRM payments expert or have us contact you by using the form

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