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Sage ERP Payments is a complete processing solution for accepting credit card payments in the Sage ERP and MAS software family.
Watch Sage ERP Payments and Sage ERP Billing in action.
Additional payment features

   Credit Verification Version 2 (CVV2)

CVV2 helps verify card authenticity by validating that purchasers do, in fact, have the card in their possession, which helps reduce chargebacks for e-commerce and mail order purchases

   User Level Password Protection

The system’s multiple password layers increase the security of customer card numbers and information by reducing the possibility of unauthorized access into database content and functions.

   Credit Card Purge Utility

Complying with PCI standards, the Purge Utility securely deletes any sensitive credit card data from the Sage 100 ERP system

   Address Verification Services

Address verification services add another layer of credit card authentication by comparing the purchaser’s billing address with the billing address on record.

   Data File Encryption

The system’s data file encryption capabilities further increase the security of customer data by ensuring credit card account numbers are encrypted in the database.

   Online Reporting

Secure online access to all your key transaction information is included for your merchant account, 24/7, at:

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Secure Transactions

All cardholder and transaction information stored in Sage ERP is fully encrypted, so your customers data is completely secure.

Payment Flexibility

Sage ERP gives you the flexibility to process payments using Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, and eBusiness Manager modules.

Sync With Sage

Accept payments in Sage ERP, from a emailed invoice, or a mobile device and your books are automatically updated in real time.

Level 3 Processing

Level 3 processing allows you to enter additional information for the lowest rates on government, corporate, and purchasing cards.

Add ease and efficiency with Sage ERP integrated payments
Sage ERP Payments Flow
A complete end-to-end payment solution

Offering customers multiple payment options guarantees you capture all possible sales while providing the added convenience that consumers have come to expect. Sage 100 ERP and Sage 500 ERP Credit Card Processing and Sage 300 ERP Payment Processing allow you to accept payments in a multitude of ways: from—person credit card purchases to mail order, telephone order, and Internet businesses. You can accept all types of credit cards, including corporate and government purchasing cards, to meet your customers’ needs.

Boost your productivity

Tight-knit integration means data can be entered through the Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, and e-Business applications available for Sage ERP, which means data is only entered once.  In addition, having payments guaranteed means faster delivery to customers, helping increase their satisfaction and repeat business.

Sage Payment Cycle
Sage ERP Invoicing And Payments
Close sales anytime, anywhere

Leave an impression, close bigger deals, and get paid faster with Sage Mobile Sales. This iPad app gives your sales team all of the information they need to close a sale at a customer site. You can review customer information, create a quote, enter an order, and accept immediate payment.  Quotes, orders, and payments are then automatically linked to your Sage ERP system so you get real-time information from the field.

End to end transaction security

PCI-DSS is a set of requirements for enhancing payment account data security. Its standards include requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design, and other measures created to protect customer account data. Because your customer’s cards are always processed in a secure manner, you can be assured that you are always Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

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Save Time And Money
Save valuable time and money

Credit card spending is 2.5 times higher than cash spending, creating opportunities to increase your overall sales.  By processing all your payments in-house with Sage Payment Solutions,you can keep your business streamlined which results in lower operating costs and bottom line savings that you can pass on to customers, .

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Enjoy custom rates and individualized pricing for Sage ERP

No two businesses are alike.  The way you accept cards and the type of cards you process all make a difference.  That is why we tailor your payment processing to fit not only your industry but how you do business. If you are new to accepting payments, we have some of the lowest rates in the industry.  If you are currently processing, our goal is to reduce your current costs and add value with our Sage ERP integrated solutions.

  • Low rates and fees save you money
  • Integrated with Sage ERP
  • Level 2 and Level 3 processing
  • Recurring billing
  • No startup costs
  • Accept electronic checks (ACH)
  • End-to-end security
  • Funds deposited in 24-48 hours
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Accepting payments in Sage ERP
Click on the videos below to learn more about specific features of accepting payments in Sage ERP
Entering payments Sage 100 ERP sales orders
Payments in Sage 100 ERP account recivables
Processing payments in Sage 100 - Demo
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