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Sage Mobile Payments allow you to open up more sales opportunities, wherever your customers are.
See how you can take payments anytime and anywhere with Sage Mobile Payments.
Simple. Flexible. Mobile.
Get Paid Anywhere

Get Paid Anywhere

Never wait for a payment again. With Sage Mobile you can accept credit card payments from your customers on the spot.

Mark Invoices As Paid

Mark Invoices As Paid

With the included Sage Exchange, you can access and post payments to your existing invoices right from your mobile device.

Automatic Reconciliation

Automatic Reconciliation

Mobile payments are automatically updated in your Sage financial software in real time for simple and painless reconciliation.

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Invoice Payments

Retrieve and accept payments against an invoice and have it automatically marked as paid in your Sage Accounting software.

Get Paid Anywhere

Now you can have the total flexibility of getting paid anytime and anywhere with your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Â Just swipe and go.

Completely Secure

End-to-end encryption – your customers’ credit card data remains safe with encryption at all stages of the transaction.

Instant Reconsiliation

Anytime that you accept a mobile credit card payment, it is automatically reconciled with your Sage Accounting Software.

Process payments from anywhere, 24/7
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Never miss a sale

Now accept payments on Apple or Android mobile device with no limit on monthly credit card transaction volume. Sage will settle to your preferred bank account within 48 hours of each transaction to maximize your cash flow.  Sage Mobile comes loaded with features to help save you time, money, and make you business more efficient.

  • Free app for your device
  • Connected with your Sage software
  • Process sales with no cell service
  • Encrypted, secure transactions
  • Swipe or key credit card sales
  • Accept payment to invoices
  • CVV2 fraud protection
  • No extra fees for Sage Mobile
Pay against existing invoices

When you use sage Mobile, you are always linked with invoices in your Sage Software.  With the Sage Exchange feature, not only can you take a payment on the go but you can also retrieve a customer invoice from your mobile device and pay against that invoice with cash or credit card for seamless and complete integration into your Sage accounting software.

Sage Connected
Sage Seamlessly Connected
Integrated with your Sage software

By using the included Sage Exchange feature, your mobile device becomes an extension of your Sage accounting software.  Whenever you process a payment in the field, that transnational data is synced to your Sage 50 or ERP software in real time.  You can even accept payments of cash or credit card and have them applied to open invoices.  This forever eliminates the time and errors associated with having multiple payment systems and manual data entry.

End to end transaction security

Because your transactions are stored behind our firewall rather than on your phone, your customers’ credit card data remains safe with encryption at all stages of the transaction.  Additional security and fraud prevention features like Card Verification Value (CVV and CVV2) are standard and help to protect against fraudulent keyed in transactions.

Credit Card Encrypt
Save Time And Money
Save time and grow your business

Be ready for business when it comes your way.  Sage Mobile helps you provide your customers with an easy and secure way to pay for your products and services while saving yourself time by not having to manually invoice and wait for a “check in the mail”.  Now you can get paid anytime, anywhere, give your customers payment options, and spend your time growing your business instead of chasing money.

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Get customized credit card rates with Sage Mobile

No two businesses are the same.  The way you accept cards and the type of cards you process all make a difference.  That is why we customize your Sage Mobile payment processing to fit not only your business but how you do business. If you are new to accepting payments, we have some of the lowest rates in the industry.  If you are currently processing, our goal is to reduce your current costs and add value with our Sage Mobile integrated solutions.

  • Low rates and fees save you money
  • Integrated with Sage Software
  • Swipe or key transactions
  • Sage Exchange enabled
  • No startup costs
  • Payment to open invoice
  • End-to-end security
  • Funds deposited in 24-48 hours
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Accepting payments with Sage Mobile
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