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Manage and authorize all your payment transactions 24/7
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Make accepting payments simple again
Get Paid From Anywhere

Get Paid From Anywhere

Never wait for a payment again. With the Sage Virtual Terminal you can accept credit card payments from your customers anytime and anywhere.

Accept Payments to Invoices

Accept Payments to Invoices

Because the Sage VT is Sage Exchange enabled, you can remotely access and accept payments to your open invoices located in your Sage Accounting software .

Automatic Reconsiliation

Automatic Reconsiliation

Payments taken in the Virtual Terminal are automatically updated in your Sage financial software in real time for simple and painless reconciliation.

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Level 3 Processing

Level 3 processing allows you to enter additional information for the lowest rates on government, corporate, and purchase cards.

Electronic Checks

Now you can save time by processing your payments as electronic checks through the Virtual Terminal and skip a trip to the bank.

Recurring Billing

Give your customers the convenience of setting up automatic recurring payments directly from their bank account or their credit card.

Secure Transactions

All cardholder data is stored behind our firewall rather than on your computer, so your customers’ data is completely secure.

Process payments from anywhere, 24/7
Sage Virtual Terminal
A complete end-to-end payment solution

The Sage Virtual Terminal works in conjunction with Sage’s advanced payment gateway to provide a secure, reliable, and cost-effective system for authorizing and managing payment transactions over the Internet.  Sage Payment Solutions offers extensive fraud and risk prevention features that lead the industry in security and protecting merchants.  This cost-effective internet-based solution requires no installation or required software upgrades and includes an ecommerce shopping cart at no additional charge.

Packed with features for your business

More than just a payment portal,  The Sage Virtual Terminal gives you included features that help you reduce costs, streamline operations and protect you and your customers.

  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Level 2 and Level 3 Data
  • CVV and CVV2
  • Swipe or key transactions
  • Address verification (AVS)
  • Recurring billing
Sage Seamlessly Connected
donate now button
Donations made easy

Now you can setup your online fundraising program quickly and easily with the Sage Donate Now Virtual Terminal.  Donate Now makes it simple for nonprofit organizations to accept donations, membership dues and event registrations securely through Sage’s advanced payment gateway. Donations can be set up as as one-time or recurring donations and the customizable donation form links directly on your website for easy access.

  • Create quick donor programs
  • Customize donation data
  • On screen and email reciepts
  • Easy integration to your webpage
  • Donors can remain anonymous
  • Completely secure
Offer more payment options with electronic checks

Save time by processing payments as electronic checks through the Virtual Terminal and skip a trip to the bank. Check information is entered at the time of purchase and funds are credited in as quickly as 72 hours.

Sage virtual check ACH
Cloud Hosting Lock
End to end transaction security

Top tier security is a must in today’s environment of hackers and payment fraud.  Because your transactions are stored behind our firewall rather than on your computer, your customers’ data is always safeguarded and you can be assured that you are always Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.  Additional security and fraud prevention features like Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CVV and CVV2) are standard and help to protect against fraudulent transactions.

Save valuable time and money

Credit card spending is 2.5 times higher than cash spending, creating opportunities to increase your overall sales.  By processing all your payments in-house with the Sage Virtual Terminal, you can keep your business streamlined which results in lower operating costs and bottom line savings that you can pass on to customers, .

Save Time And Money
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Sage Virtual Terminal
Get custom credit card rates and pricing for the Sage Virtual Terminal

No two businesses are alike.  The way you accept cards and the type of cards you process all make a difference.  That is why we customize your payment processing to fit not only your business but how you do business. If you are new to accepting payments, we have some of the lowest rates in the industry.  If you are currently processing, our goal is to reduce your current costs and add value with our Sage Virtual Terminal and Donate Now integrated solutions.

  • Low rates and fees save you money
  • Integrated with Sage Software
  • Level 2 and Level 3 processing
  • Recurring billing
  • No startup costs
  • Accept electronic checks (ACH)
  • End-to-end security
  • Funds deposited in 24-48 hours
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Sage Virtual Terminal Training Videos
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Process payments in the Sage Virtual Terminal
Processing an auth only transaction
Voiding a transaction and processing a refund
Voiding a transaction/processing a refund
Locating and configuring transaction reciepts
Researching transactions and exporting data
Adding, editing, locking and deleting users
Email settings and modifying templates
Recurring groups and schedules
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