QuickBooks Pro

Can QuickBooks Pro do payroll?

Yes, but QuickBooks Pro doesn’t include a payroll feature. Enhanced Payroll can be added for an additional cost of about $30 per month. Enhanced Payroll works with or without QuickBooks. Please note that you’ll need Internet access so Enhanced Payroll can automatically download the latest payroll tax rates. You also have the option to use Intuit Full Service or Assisted Payroll as well. Both these options function much like Enhanced Payroll but have the added feature of having Intuit file your taxes on your behalf. If you choose to buy Enhanced Payroll in QuickBooks, you will also need to have QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2013 or newer. If you choose to buy Online Enhanced Payroll, QuickBooks is not required. If you would like to learn more about the Payroll options for QuickBooks, call us at 866-949-7267 and we can walk you through the product differences and pricing.