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Xero Payments

Collect payments, automate accounts receivable, and streamline your collections process in Xero while reducing your fees and costs.


Xero Payment Integration allows you to accept credit card payments right in your accounting software.

See how you can add flexibility by connecting payments to your Xero Accounting Software

Activate Payments

The first step is to give us a call. In about 15 minutes we can start the process to get your integrated merchant account set up.

Invoice Your Customers

Do your work and then go into Xero and email your customers an invoice for your services with a “Pay Now” link attached to it.

Get Paid

Once your customer receives the invoice, they just click on “Pay Now”, put in their credit card information and you are paid!

Xero Payments Overview

Sales And Invoicing In Xero

Enabling Payments In Accounts



Integrated With Xero

Easy to use credit card payments that are integrated right into Xero and Xero Touch for seamless invoicing and getting paid fast.

Get Paid Fast

With payments for Xero, you don’t wait for weeks to receive money. Just get paid and funds are deposited in 24-48 hours.

Payment Reconciliation

Xero bank feeds automatically import and categorize all your latest banking, credit card and payment transactions in one simple click.

Xero Touch Mobile

Use Xero Touch to manage your business while you’re on the move. Reconcile and send invoices and from anywhere.

Xero Pay Now Invoicing

Payment enabled invoices allow your customers to pay immediately and eliminate manual entry, collections issues, and keep cash flowing.

Bank-To-Bank Payments

Digital Bank-To-Bank payments allow you to get funds quickly - all with blockchain encrypted security and zero transaction fees.

Virtual Payables Card

Our NetSuite integration includes a virtual automated payables solution to help you and your teams manage your expenses
- for free.

Automated Collection

Create custom workflows and reminders to manage your receivables making the payment collections process fast, automated, and efficient.

Automate payments and invoices from Xero

Xero interface

Completely Integrated With Your Xero Accounting Software

Get paid faster, receive updates when the invoice is opened, and connect seamlessly with customers through online invoicing. Create professional recurring invoices and schedule bill payments to manage cash-flow. Payments, returns and credits are all tracked automatically.

Reduce Your Transaction Costs To Zero

Our Xero integration adds features that allow you to control costs across all types of payments.  These include automatically routing your transactions to the lowest price categories, Level 2 | Level 3 discounts for corporate, purchasing, and government cards, as well as bank to bank transfers that effectively decrease your transaction costs to zero.  The end result is a more efficient, secure, and transparent payment platform that allows you to add efficiency, security while reducing your bottom line.

Pay Now Invoicing

Imagine never having to manually match payments to invoices again.  Just email the invoice for your customer, they click on the Pay Now button, and their payment is immediately applied against the invoice with no human intervention.  This allows you to get your money faster, more efficiently, and practically eliminate collections.

Scheduled And Recurring Payments

Eliminate the manual overhead of payment collection by automating it all within Xero.  Set up monthly, annual, or custom scheduled payments that bill automatically, create auto pay billing for customers that already have funds on file, and recurring payments for customers that have standardized payment terms.

Automate Your Collections

Easily define email communication workflows that can be assigned to your receivables alerting customers of upcoming invoice dates or past due payments.  You can use standard, out-of-the-box templates or customize your own communications based on payment category, frequency, or how aged the receivables are.

Simple, Transparent Reporting

Looking for transaction data and sales reporting couldn't be easier.  By using our online management portal, you can quickly review customer-specific transaction history detailing sales, returns as well as any declines or errors.

Secure Transactions

In today's financial environment, security is of key importance.  That's why our secure platform encrypts every transaction to ensure the safety of sensitive payment data, reducing your PCI liability, and increasing customer confidence when making payments.



Xero Accounting

Get customized pricing for Xero Payment Integration

No two businesses are alike. The way you accept cards and the type of cards you process all make a difference. That’s why we customize your payment processing to fit not only your business but how you do business. If you are new to accepting payments, we have some of the lowest rates in the industry. If you are currently processing, our goal is to reduce your current costs and add value by integrating your payments into your Xero Accounting Software.

  • Integrated with Xero Accounting
  • Ability to swipe transactions
  • Connect with your online store
  • No start up costs
  • Customers can pay by invoice
  • End-to-end security
  • Low rates and fees save you money
  • Recurring Billing
  • Custom pricing available
  • No monthly minimums
  • Funds deposited in 24-48 hours
Get Started

Get Started

Get Started

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