QuickBooks Enterprise

Does QuickBooks Enterprise require a server?

The answer to weather or not you will need to use a server with QuickBooks Enterprise will come from knowing if you want multiple people to access your Enterprise data file from the same or remote locations. Since QuickBooks Enterprise is a software based platform you can configure it in multiple ways.

Single User QuickBooks Enterprise

If you only have a one user license of Enterprise you can either have the software located “locally” on your computer or can have it set up for remote access. The local install is just a simple download to your computer. When you want to use the software, you just use it on the computer that you installed it on. If you are using a desktop computer (vs. a portable laptop) and want to have access (or give somebody else remote access to your data such as an accountant or bookkeeper), then cloud hosting for Enterprise is probably the best way to go. This would allow your software and company files to be located on a third party server and then give you and others the ability to “log in” to use Enterprise. To find out more about cloud hosting for QuickBooks Enterprise, click here.

Multiple User QuickBooks Enterprise

If you have multiple users of Enterprise and want to have employees access the software at the same time, then you either need to either set up an internal server network or have your QuickBooks Enterprise hosted in the cloud. If you decide to set up a company network, you will most likely want to hire an IT specialist depending on the complexity of what you need. One thing that you will want to do is install and configure the QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the main computer that will be storing your company files. This will allow the data from your main company file to be shared with the other computers on the network.

If you are not wanting to set up and manage a company network, then cloud hosting for your QuickBooks Enterprise may again be the best solution. It gives you all the advantages of setting up a network minus the fact of setting it up and having to maintain it. Although there is a monthly cost per user, it is in many cases much less expensive overall than hiring a IT specialist, licensing, and maintaining the network yourself. To learn more about cloud hosting for QuickBooks Enterprise, click here.