QuickBooks Enterprise

Does QuickBooks Enterprise work on Mac?

Although there is no Intuit supported way to have QuickBooks Enterprise on a Mac, there are a couple workarounds that can have you up and running with Enterprise on your Mac in no time.

Using BootCamp With Enterprise

Boot Camp is already installed in your Mac system and will allow you to install Windows onto the hard drive. This is probably the most simple and cost effective way to have you Mac work as a “Windows PC” so that you can successfully install your Enterprise Software. The only downside to this is that you can’t network multiple computers together if you have more than one user and you have to restart your computer each time that you want to switch your operating system.

Using Virtual Machines For QuickBooks Enterprise

A virtual machine allows you to run a second operating system on you Mac computer. In this case, the second operating system would be Windows. The most well-known system for doing this are VMware, although there are a couple others such as Parallels, and Fusion that will allow you to accomplish the same goal.

QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is becoming more and more popular and is a simple and easy way to solve the issues of having to set up a network or running QuickBooks Enterprise on a Mac operating system. This difference with cloud hosting is that instead of running the QuickBooks on your computer, you will have a cloud hosting company load Enterprise on their servers and then you will access it through the internet on your computer. The benefit to this is your QuickBooks Enterprise can be run on ANY computer that has internet access and the hosting company handles all the setup, support, and technical maintenance for you. When you log in the way that you would to any other online account and the QuickBooks will look just the way that it would if it were loaded on your computer. If you are interested in this option, click here to learn more about cloud hosting options for QuickBooks Enterprise.