QuickBooks Point of Sale

How hard is it to get started with Point of Sale?

Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale is designed to be easy to set up; so most retailers can start using the software the same day. Use the simple Setup Interview to get started quickly and easily. Import item, vendor and customer lists from QuickBooks Financial software or Microsoft® Excel to save hours of manual data entry. A complete practice data file lets you train employees without changing your actual company data. In-product “Show Me” video tutorials clearly guide you and employees through the most important daily tasks. QuickBooks Point of Sale 9.0 also includes a User Guide, which leads you through the most important tasks to get you up and running. Get answers to “How do I?” questions with a complete in product Help library or download the free User’s Guide at http://www.qbposv9.com/ and enter access code cZ9t#M. Support Terms and Conditions.