QuickBooks Enterprise

What is Enterprise Advanced Reporting?

If you are currently using QuickBooks Enterprise or are considering making the move – and need robust reporting, the new Advanced Reporting module will be a very helpful feature you will want to utilize. Ironically, as a flagship product, QuickBooks Enterprise always received new features and improvements every year, but the reporting capability had always stayed the same. In 2015, when Intuit moved to the subscription model for Enterprise, they released the Advanced Reporting module and surprisingly, included it as a free feature in all the versions of Enterprise vs. making it a separate paid add-on or an upgraded subscription.

QuickBooks Advanced Reporting Features

Advanced Reporting basically allows you to use any data found in QuickBooks Enterprise to create custom reports, graphs, and charts. In the new 2016 version of Enterprise, you have a couple new options for getting the specific report that you are looking for as well as getting training on how to use all the features in the product.

Industry Focused Report Templates

Advanced Reporting received a “refresh” in the 2016 version of Enterprise and now has many of the most popular reports for specific industry niches such as manufacturing, contracting, retail, and non profit so that you can pick key reports from a pre-built list instead of having to build them from scratch. As a template report, there is no modification necessary. Just chose the one you need, open it, and your data will automatically populate in the fields.

Building Custom Reports

Of course, if you need something more customized, you can either modify an existing template or choose to build your own report from scratch. Advanced Reporting is a formula driven structure somewhat similar to working with Excel. Although it takes a little time to master, once you get the hang of it, you should be good to go.

Advanced Reporting Training Tools

Have questions about how to use Advanced Reporting? The new version of Enterprise 2016 includes a help portal that provides step-by-step video tutorials, studies and help documents that will show you how to create and enhance existing reports so that you can maximize your data. In addition, if you ever need live help, you can always call the dedicated QuickBooks Enterprise support team as free technical support is included with all subscription plans on Enterprise for the life of the product.