QuickBooks Enterprise

What is QuickBooks Enterprise software?

Out of the complete line of QuickBooks versions available, QuickBooks Enterprise software is the most recent member to the family and arguably, the most sophisticated of the group. Although the interface looks much the same as QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier, and in many cases, is similar in functionality, what is actually hidden under the hood is a much more superior and complex software.

Targeted toward small and mid-range business accounting applications, QuickBooks Enterprise takes Pro and Premier to a whole new level by increasing the user limits to 30 people logged in simultaneously, upping the file capacity by over 10x, and then adding in new features like pricing, inventory management, and reporting flexibility. Although the QuickBooks Enterprise is built as a “desktop installation”, it can very easily be adapted to be hosted in the cloud or on an internal network to allow for remote access.

QuickBooks Enterprise Integrations

Need some specific features for the way you do business? Due to it’s popularity, QuickBooks Enterprise has literally thousands of 3rd party, “bolt on” applications and integrations that allow you to add to the core version of the software . Everything from time tracking, CRM, and integrated payments have been developed that allow you to customize the software for your needs or more industry specific applications.

QuickBooks Enterprise Subscription Levels

QuickBooks Enterprise comes in three different “flavors” to suit your specific needs:

QuickBooks Enterprise Silver Subscription: This is the basic level of Enterprise and gives you all of the core features excluding the add-on’s of Advanced Inventory, Advanced Pricing and Intuit Enhanced Payroll.

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold Subscription: The Gold subscription adds Intuit Enhanced Payroll with a nice twist – There are no direct deposit per employee additional fees. For just a small amount more per year, you can have all of your payroll for all of your employees completed easily and quickly. The more employees that you have, the better this feature becomes.

QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Subscription: The Platinum subscription is the ultimate subscription level and includes all the features of the first two plus the Advanced Inventory and Advanced Pricing modules. The most popular level, the Platinum version allows you to barcode scan, manage multiple locations, track inventory using lot, bin and serial information as well as create and automate pricing rules for your customers.

No matter which subscription level that you choose, you will have access to some great included features such as unlimited, free technical support, 100GB of data backup, Everything Enterprise online training tools as well as a free, complimentary upgrade to the most current version of QuickBooks Enterprise every year when it is released.