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How Software Resellers Can Benefit from Selling QuickBooks

A QuickBooks reseller

The software reseller market is highly competitive, with businesses constantly seeking products that offer significant value to their clients while providing profitable opportunities. QuickBooks, a leading accounting software, presents a lucrative option for resellers. Known for its comprehensive features and widespread adoption, QuickBooks offers numerous benefits to software resellers looking to enhance their offerings and boost their business.

We’ll discuss the various advantages of selling QuickBooks as a software reseller. From increased revenue opportunities to providing comprehensive support, these benefits can help resellers build a strong and sustainable business model.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

One of the primary benefits of selling QuickBooks is the potential for increased revenue. QuickBooks is a widely recognized and trusted brand in the accounting software market, used by millions of businesses worldwide. By adding QuickBooks to their product portfolio, resellers can tap into a vast market of small to medium-sized businesses looking for reliable accounting solutions.

Moreover, QuickBooks offers various editions and plans, including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Enterprise. This range allows resellers to cater to different business needs and budgets, increasing the chances of making sales across multiple segments. Additionally, resellers can earn recurring revenue through subscription renewals and add-on services, creating a steady income stream.

Brand Recognition and Trust

QuickBooks is a well-established brand with a strong reputation for delivering high-quality accounting software. When resellers offer QuickBooks, they leverage this brand recognition and trust, making it easier to convince potential customers of the software’s value. Customers are more likely to purchase products from brands they recognize and trust, reducing the sales cycle and increasing conversion rates.

This brand trust also translates into higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. Businesses that adopt QuickBooks are likely to remain long-term customers, providing resellers with ongoing opportunities for upselling and cross-selling additional products and services.

Comprehensive Training and Support

QuickBooks offers extensive training and support resources for its resellers. These resources include webinars, tutorials, certification programs, and dedicated account managers. By becoming certified QuickBooks resellers, businesses can enhance their credibility and demonstrate their expertise to potential clients.

Access to comprehensive support ensures that resellers can provide top-notch service to their customers, addressing any issues or questions that arise promptly. This level of support not only helps in retaining customers but also builds a positive reputation for the reseller’s business.

Diverse Product Range

QuickBooks offers a diverse range of products designed to meet the needs of various business types and sizes. From QuickBooks Self-Employed for freelancers to QuickBooks Enterprise for larger organizations, the product range allows resellers to cater to a wide audience. This diversity ensures that resellers can offer tailored solutions to their clients, increasing the chances of making successful sales.

Additionally, QuickBooks integrates with numerous third-party applications, enhancing its functionality and appeal. Resellers can leverage these integrations to provide comprehensive solutions that meet their clients’ unique business requirements.

Attractive Margins and Incentives

QuickBooks provides attractive margins and incentives for its resellers. These financial benefits make it a lucrative option for businesses looking to expand their product offerings. Resellers can earn significant commissions on initial sales, renewals, and additional services, boosting their overall profitability.

Moreover, QuickBooks often runs promotional campaigns and offers special discounts to its resellers. These promotions can help resellers attract more customers and close deals more effectively, further increasing their earnings.

Market Demand and Growth Potential

The demand for reliable accounting software is continually growing, driven by the increasing complexity of financial management and regulatory requirements. QuickBooks is well-positioned to capitalize on this demand, offering features that simplify accounting, payroll, and tax management for businesses of all sizes.

Resellers can benefit from this growing market by offering QuickBooks products, which are known for their robust capabilities and ease of use. As more businesses seek efficient accounting solutions, resellers can capture a larger share of the market and achieve sustainable growth.

Partnership with Intuit

Becoming a QuickBooks reseller means partnering with Intuit, a leading financial software company. This partnership provides resellers with access to Intuit’s vast resources, including marketing materials, sales tools, and technical support. Intuit’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction ensures that resellers can offer high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of their clients.

Additionally, Intuit’s strong market presence and continuous product development mean that resellers can stay ahead of industry trends and offer cutting-edge solutions. This partnership enhances the reseller’s credibility and market position, attracting more customers and driving business growth.


Selling QuickBooks as a software reseller offers numerous benefits, from increased revenue opportunities and brand recognition to comprehensive support and attractive margins. The diverse product range, growing market demand, and partnership with Intuit further enhance the value proposition for resellers.

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