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How to Customize the QuickBooks Online Dashboard

Business owner delighted to see his customized QuickBooks Online dashboard

One of the standout features of QuickBooks Online is its customizable dashboard, which allows you to tailor your interface to their specific needs. You can customize the dashboard based on your business’s unique financial priorities and goals. This way, you’ll be able to efficiently track the key financial metrics that matter most to your business, helping you make smarter business decisions. 

In this article, we will explain how to customize the QuickBooks Online dashboard and why it’s important to adjust the dashboard based on your needs.

There are several ways to customize your QuickBooks Online dashboard:

Business View vs Accountant View

The QuickBooks Online dashboard can be displayed in either Business View or Accountant View. Each view offers specific features and functionalities that cater to the tasks and responsibilities of these respective roles.

The Business View is designed primarily for business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals responsible for managing the day-to-day operations and financial aspects of their business. This view provides tools and insights that help business owners efficiently handle their financial transactions, monitor their business’s performance, and make informed decisions. Key features of the Business View include Overview, Accounting, and My Accountant

Business View in QuickBooks Online

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The Accountant View is specifically tailored for accountants, bookkeepers, and financial professionals who provide accounting services to multiple clients. This view offers enhanced tools and features that support efficient collaboration and management of multiple client accounts. Key features of the Accountant View include Getting Things Done, Business Overview, Bookkeeping, and Sales & Expenses. 

For more information, read our guide to switching between Business View and Accountant View in QuickBooks.

Accountant View in QuickBooks Online

Customizing the Menu Settings

From your QuickBooks Online dashboard, click on the Menu settings icon on the lower left side of the screen, and then click Customize this menu. From here, QuickBooks allows you to select what particular menus you want to be displayed on the sidebar. Simply click on the box next to the menu you want to be included in your QuickBooks dashboard, and then select Save. 

Customizing the sidebar menu in QuickBooks

Other Way to Customize  the QuickBooks Online Dashboard

There are other ways to customize the QuickBooks dashboard, including: 

  • Reorder Bank Accounts and Credit Cards: Arrange icons by dragging them up or down based on your usage frequency. This ensures easy access to the most essential accounts.
  • Create Custom Fields: Set up custom fields to capture specific data not already in QuickBooks. These fields can be added to invoices, sales receipts, and more. For instance, track sales representatives’ impact by adding a custom field to record their sales performance.
  • Adjust Data Presentation: Customize bars and graphs to your preference. Whether you need a comprehensive or detailed overview, choose from options like 30 days, last month, last quarter, and last financial year.

Why Customize the QuickBooks Online Dashboard?

The default dashboard layout of QuickBooks Online provides a snapshot of your financial data, including income and expenses, account balances, and recent transactions. While this default layout is useful, customizing the dashboard can greatly enhance your financial management experience. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider customizing your dashboard:

  • Personalization: Every business is unique, and your financial priorities might differ from others. Customizing the dashboard allows you to focus on the key metrics that matter most to your business. Whether it’s monitoring cash flow, tracking expenses by category, or keeping an eye on outstanding invoices, you can design your dashboard to align with your specific goals.
  • Efficiency: With a customized dashboard, you can eliminate the need to navigate through various menus to find the information you need. By placing essential data and reports directly on the dashboard, you can save time and make informed decisions more quickly.
  • Visibility: A well-designed dashboard provides clear visibility into your financial health. Customizable charts, graphs, and reports allow you to visualize trends and patterns, helping you identify areas for improvement and seize opportunities.
  • Focus on KPIs: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play a pivotal role in evaluating business performance. Customizing your dashboard ensures that these KPIs are prominently displayed, enabling you to track progress toward your targets easily.

By customizing the QuickBooks Online dashboard to your unique needs, you’ll be able to focus on the metrics that matter most to your business. Whether it’s monitoring cash flow, tracking expenses, or analyzing profit trends, a personalized dashboard gives you an edge in making timely and strategic decisions.

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