NetSuite Payment Integration

How To Process Credit Cards and ACH Payments In NetSuite ERP

Customer entering credit card payments online

For companies utilizing NetSuite, a premier cloud ERP solution, the ability to streamline operations directly impacts profitability and customer satisfaction. While NetSuite offers a robust platform for managing your business, integrating seamless payment processing capabilities can transform your operations. This is where Paygration Gateway comes into play, offering a direct, native integration for credit card and ACH transactions within NetSuite. Gone are the days of relying on separate side terminals or virtual terminals, which, although possible, are far from efficient.

The Limitations of Separate Payment Solutions

Using a separate terminal or virtual terminal for payment processing adds unnecessary complexity to your operations. It requires manual entry, increases the risk of errors, and disrupts the workflow, leading to inefficiency and potential data discrepancies. This disjointed approach can also impact your customer experience negatively, as it may slow down transaction processing and complicate your billing processes.

Paygration Gateway: A Seamless Integration for NetSuite

Paygration Gateway is designed to work within the NetSuite environment, leveraging its existing interfaces for a seamless user experience. This direct integration means you can process credit cards and ACH transactions right from the NetSuite screens you are already familiar with. There’s no need for separate systems or software; everything is unified within your NetSuite dashboard.

Explore the benefits of integrating payments into your NetSuite accounting system.

Top 10 Features of the Paygration Gateway

The Paygration Gateway is packed with features designed to enhance your payment processing capabilities. Here’s a look at the top 10 features:

  1. Click and Pay Invoicing: Simplify your billing with invoices that include a payment link. Customers can pay instantly, improving cash flow and reducing accounts receivable delays.
  2. Compliant Surcharging: Automatically calculate and apply surcharge fees in compliance with regulations. This feature helps you recover costs without manual calculations.
  3. Interchange Optimization: Paygration Gateway uses advanced algorithms to ensure you qualify for the lowest possible interchange rates on every transaction, reducing your processing costs.
  4. Accepting All Credit Cards and ACH: Offer your customers flexibility by accepting a wide range of payment methods, including all major credit cards and ACH transactions.
  5. Hosted Payment Pages: Create secure, branded payment pages for customer checkout. This feature enhances the customer experience and increases trust in your payment process.
  6. Recurring Billing and Scheduled Payments: Automate your billing process for subscriptions or installment payments. This feature ensures timely payments and reduces administrative work.
  7. Fraud Control Settings: Customize your fraud detection settings to balance security and customer experience. This feature helps you minimize risk without inconveniencing legitimate customers.
  8. 3D Secure: Add an extra layer of security for online transactions. This feature protects against unauthorized use and may reduce your liability for chargebacks.
  9. Easy Integration and Customization: Paygration Gateway is designed to be flexible, allowing for customization to fit your unique business needs.
  10. Detailed Reporting and Analytics: Gain insights into your payment processing with comprehensive reports and analytics. This feature helps you make informed decisions to optimize your operations.

Effortless Setup, Instant Benefits

Integrating the gateway into your NetSuite environment is a breeze. With setup taking as little as 5 minutes, you can be up and running in no time, enjoying the benefits of integrated payment processing. This ease of implementation means you can quickly enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and offer a better customer experience.

Experience Paygration Gateway in Action

To truly appreciate the difference the Paygration Gateway can make for your NetSuite operations, we invite you to see it in action. Whether you’re interested in reducing processing costs, enhancing security, or simply streamlining your payment processes, our experts are here to help. Call us at 866-949-7267 or complete our free demo form to get started.


Take the Next Step Towards Seamless Integration

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