QuickBooks Enterprise Payments

Make it easy for your customers to pay you quickly and enjoy preferred rates when you have QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and an active Full Service Plan.
Rates starting at only 1.50%


Get paid 2x faster by accepting payments in QuickBooks Enterprise

Accept credit card and electronic bank transfers and track everything in one place.

Give customers options

Take mobile card payments, send online pay-enabled invoices, set up recurring billing and more.

Receive instant notifications

Real-time alerts let you track when customers view and pay invoices. Automated reminders let them know payment is due.

QuickBooks captures the details

Information from every sale appears in QuickBooks in real-time—no adjustments required.

Take credit cards anywhere

Use any tablet or mobile device to accept payments from customers anytime and anywhere.

Automated recurring billing

Create billing schedules for customers that allow you to automatically bill customers on whatever period you need.

Accept payments from your webstore

If you sell products online, QuickBooks makes it easy to accept credit card payments right on your website.

See QuickBooks Payments in action.

Send an invoice with a "Pay Now" button

Adding a "Pay Now" button to your invoices allows your customers to pay you online anytime or anywhere.

Receive payments in QuickBooks

Take payment on your customers’ invoices by keying in or swiping any major credit card or ACH bank information.

Set up recurring payments

If you’re doing the same work for a client each month, setting up recurring payments can save valuable time.



Preferred payment services with your Enterprise Full Service Plan

QuickBooks enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Merchant Services

QuickBooks Enterprise Merchant Services is exclusively for current enterprise users with an active Full Service Plan. Completely integrated with your QuickBooks, it allows you to free yourself from double data entry and the risk of errors. All with a $0 monthly fee and no long term contract.

Make it easy for customers to pay

When you turn on QuickBooks Payments, you’ll have the ability to put a “Pay Now” link on every invoice you send. Customers can click and pay instantly with any major credit card or a bank transfer. And, since QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions updates itself automatically and sends payments directly to the bank, you’ll always have the most current information on your bottom line. Fewer mistakes, less work, and less worry.

Accept payments anytime, anywhere

With QuickBooks Enterprise Merchant Services, you will never miss a sale because it comes bundled with the ability to accept payments on any iPhone, iPad or Android device. Also included is a free Intuit card reader that allows you to swipe transactions for the lowest rates. Best of all, all your transactions are automatically reconciled with your QuickBooks Enterprise Software at the end of the day.

Automate customer billing

If you work with customers that make recurring payments, manually processing those payments can a time consuming process.  With Payments for QuickBooks, you can enter the credit card or ACH payment information one time, set up the billing cycle and let QuickBooks do the rest.  If amounts or frequency change, no problem.  Just make the adjustments and you are good to go.

Accept payments from your online webstore

Instead of having multiple payments accounts, QuickBooks Payments allows you to use the same merchant account for your webstore as you do for your QuickBooks software.  This keeps your costs low and allows you to automatically pull transaction information from online sales right into your QuickBooks software for easy reconciliation.  Connect with top online stores such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, GoDaddy, 3DCart and more.



System Requirements

QuickBooks Enterprise Merchant Services

  • Laptop or desktop computer with 2.4 GHz (recommended) processor
  • Current version of QuickBooks Enterprise Software


Enjoy preferred rates for QuickBooks Payments with your active Enterprise Full Service Plan

$0 / month

Pay as you go

  • Per transaction: $0.25
  • Swipe qualified rate: 1.5%
  • Keyed qualified rate: 2.9%
  • Bank transfer (ACH) rate: $3.00
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