Xero Payments

Easy to use credit card and electronic check processing that are integrated right into your Xero Accounting for seamless, secure payment processing.


Accept credit, debit and electronic check payments inside of Xero

Run transactions, allow customers to pay by email, automate payment collections, and more—right within Xero. Easy installation and no development needed.

Integrated Payments

Capture payments immediately when you create an invoice or sales order.

Click And Pay Invoicing

Send invoices with payment links from Xero to your customers via email.

Customer Surcharging

Pass along the cost of merchant fees and pay 0% in credit card processing costs.

Customer Payment Portal

Give your customers a self-serve platform to view and pay open & past invoices.

Interchange Optimization

Interchange Optimization

Automatically add Level 2 and Level 3 data and save up to 1.25% on your B2B transactions.

Invoice Workflows

Invoice Workflows

Set up invoice payment reminders that speed up receivables and reduce late pays and collections.

Late Fee Assessment

Late Fee Assessment

Give your customers incentive to pay invoices on time by automated late fees to past due invoices.

Recurring Billing

Easily set up customers on recurring invoice cycles to completely automate payments.

Paper Billing

Paper Invoicing

Offer the ability to send paper vs. email invoices to customers that are completley automated.

Streamline your Xero payments process from invoice to reconciliation.

Completely integrated with Xero

Accelerate your payment process, minimize double-data entry, and decrease keying errors by utilizing Xero as your centralized hub for payment processing. The integration is so seamless, you'll think it's a native feature of Xero! Now you can say goodbye to the hassle of logging into separate software and the extra steps involved in transferring data between different interfaces. With Xero, all sales, returns, and credits are automatically tracked and reconciled, streamlining your financial management effortlessly.

Click And Pay Invoicing

Speed up receivables and eliminate trying to collect late payments by using “click and pay” invoicing. Just email your invoices from Xero, and when your customer makes the payment, the invoice is automatically reconciled and marked as paid in Xero.   Best of all, because the whole process works natively inside your existing Xero, there is nothing new to learn.

Customer Surcharging

Tired of paying credit card fees? Now you can automatically add surcharges or technology fees to your invoices reducing your processing fees by up to 95%. Choose from two ways to offset your processing costs – Surcharging or Dual Pricing.  Either way keeps you compliant with card association guidelines, gives your customers the choice of how they want to pay, and most importantly, eliminates the high cost of accepting credit cards.

Automated Invoice Payments

Tired of chasing down past-due invoices?  If so, our AutoPay feature is for you. By enabling customers to securely store their preferred payment method in the system and activating AutoPay, invoices will be paid automatically on their due date. This ensures that your receivables are always up-to-date and received promptly. Additionally, if you opt to include surcharges on invoices, these will be automatically calculated and added to the total amount due, streamlining the payment process even further.

Payment Integration Scheduled Payments

Customer Payment Portal

Simplify your payment collections with a fully branded, secure online portal for your customers to easily pay open invoices and view past invoice history. The portal allows customers to pay single or bulk invoices, add payment methods for quick future checkout, and even view past invoices and export payment details. Once an invoice is paid, it is automatically updated in QuickBooks eliminating manual reconsiliation and accounting errors.

Interchange Optimization

Interchange optimization is a big deal - especially for B2B merchants.  When a transaction is processed, the system automatically selects the most cost-effective interchange categories for each transaction and adds level 2 and level 3 data giving you savings of up to .65% to 1.25% per transaction on business and corporate cards. By leveraging this feature, your business can instantly reduce processing costs without ever lifting a finger.

Automated Invoice Workflows

The Invoice Messenger makes notifying your customers of their invoices a breeze.  Our reminder feature can be customized to handle a communication schedule that starts with gentle prompts and progresses to more serious warnings if invoices age beyond the due date.  The system is completely whitelabled for your business so just create your templates, customize your look and feel, and let Invoice Messenger do all of the heavy lifting.

Late Fee Assesment

You provide a product or service and your customers are expected to pay, on time every time, and by charging late fees, you let your customers know that you take collections seriously. The Late Fee Manager notifies your customers of late fee terms and conditions and automatically calculates and applies finance charges to your existing invoices. Additionally, by collecting late fees and finance charges you add revenue to your business, providing you with more working capital.

Recurring Billing

Enjoy the capability to create new, recurring payments for customers with any payment option including credit cards and eCheck. Just schedule the billing to occur at your set frequency—either within a range of dates or indefinitely and let the system do the rest. At the end of the day, all payments are automatically synced with your Xero for hassle-free reconciliation!

Flexible Installment Payments

Offer installment payment options for customers who need a more flexible solution for paying invoices. You can enable payment plans on an individual or group basis, allowing selected clients to request flexible payment terms.

Simply turn on the Payment Plan option and payments will automatically be collected on the approved schedule with transactions reconciled instantly within QuickBooks.

Paper Mail Invoicing

In a world of technology, don't count out paper-mailed invoices! Many times email reminders can get lost in an inbox and some customers prefer or even require invoices to be mailed.  A physical invoice can serve as a great reminder to get somebody to pay, add that extra "nudge" and help in speeding up lagging receivables.  By turning on paper invoicing, we will have your custom-designed invoices automatically printed, stuffed, and mailed at whatever frequency needed so you don't have to.

Save time, money, and get paid fast.

12 hours

Save up to 12  hours per week by automating practices with pre-built integration


Save up to 43% on overall processing costs by utilizing our services together


Speed up payment collection by 200% using tools like email pay and the customer payment portal

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