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Top 10 Reasons to Move from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Enterprise

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Are you looking to take your business accounting to the next level? Transitioning from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Enterprise could be the game-changer you need. QuickBooks Enterprise offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to the needs of growing businesses, providing enhanced scalability, advanced inventory management, and robust reporting capabilities. Let’s dive into the top 10 reasons why making the switch could benefit your business.

Scalability and Performance

QuickBooks Enterprise is designed to handle the increasing complexity of business operations as you grow. Unlike QuickBooks Online, which can experience performance issues with larger datasets, QuickBooks Enterprise provides faster processing and improved performance. With the capability to manage up to 1 million list items, including customers, vendors, and inventory items, QuickBooks Enterprise ensures your accounting software can keep up with your business’s expansion. Its desktop-based architecture offers quicker access to data and faster processing, ensuring efficient management of transactions, reports, and other accounting tasks.

Advanced Inventory Management

One significant advantage of QuickBooks Enterprise over QuickBooks Online is its advanced inventory management capabilities. QuickBooks Enterprise allows for more sophisticated inventory tracking, including managing inventory across multiple locations, setting reorder points, and tracking items using serial or lot numbers. This level of detail enables businesses to optimize inventory levels, reduce stockouts, and minimize carrying costs. With QuickBooks Enterprise, you can also utilize the Advanced Pricing feature to create complex pricing rules, discounts, and promotions, helping you maximize profits and stay competitive.

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Advanced Pricing Management

QuickBooks Enterprise offers advanced pricing features that provide businesses with more control and flexibility over their pricing strategies compared to QuickBooks Online. With Advanced Pricing, you can create complex pricing rules and discounts tailored to your business needs. This includes quantity discounts, tiered pricing, and special promotions. You can set different price levels for different customers or customer groups, ensuring that you can offer competitive pricing while maximizing profits.

Moreover, Advanced Pricing allows for price changes based on specific criteria, such as item, customer type, or sales channel. This flexibility enables you to implement dynamic pricing strategies to respond quickly to market changes and customer demands. Whether you need to offer special discounts for loyal customers or adjust prices based on seasonal trends, Advanced Pricing in QuickBooks Enterprise gives you the tools to manage your pricing effectively. By leveraging these advanced pricing features, businesses can enhance their competitiveness, drive sales, and improve overall profitability.

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Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

QuickBooks Enterprise offers advanced reporting tools that provide deeper insights into your business’s financial performance. Customize reports to your specific needs, analyze data across multiple dimensions, and access industry-specific reports. With Advanced Reporting, you can merge data from multiple company files and external sources, allowing for a comprehensive view of your business’s financial health. Whether you need to track sales trends, monitor expenses, or analyze profitability by customer or product, QuickBooks Enterprise’s robust reporting capabilities have you covered.

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More Users and Permissions

QuickBooks Enterprise allows for up to 40 users, compared to QuickBooks Online’s maximum of 25. This scalability is particularly beneficial for larger organizations with multiple departments or teams that require access to the accounting software. Moreover, QuickBooks Enterprise offers more granular user permissions, allowing you to control who has access to sensitive financial information and what actions they can perform within the software. With customizable user roles and permissions, you can ensure data security and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Speed of Desktop Software

As a desktop software, QuickBooks Enterprise offers faster performance and improved speed compared to cloud-based software like QuickBooks Online. Desktop software often processes data more swiftly, allowing for quicker transaction processing, report generation, and overall smoother user experience. This is particularly advantageous for businesses dealing with large volumes of transactions or complex financial data.

Job Costing

QuickBooks Enterprise includes comprehensive job costing features, making it ideal for businesses involved in project-based or contract work. You can track expenses, labor costs, and revenues associated with each job or project, enabling accurate cost estimation, budgeting, and profitability analysis. With job costing in QuickBooks Enterprise, you can better understand the financial performance of individual projects and make informed decisions to improve profitability.

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Fixed Asset Management

Managing fixed assets effectively is crucial for businesses to ensure accurate financial reporting and compliance with accounting standards. QuickBooks Enterprise offers robust fixed asset management features, allowing you to accurately track and manage your company’s fixed assets over their entire lifecycle. Easily record asset purchases, calculate depreciation, and generate reports to assess the value and performance of your fixed assets.

Industry-Specific Features

QuickBooks Enterprise offers industry-specific editions tailored to the needs of various industries, such as manufacturing, construction, retail, and nonprofit organizations. These editions come with specialized features and workflows designed to address the unique requirements of each industry. Whether you need advanced inventory management, job costing, or specific reporting tools, QuickBooks Enterprise has industry-specific solutions to meet your needs.

Enhanced Payroll Management

For businesses with complex payroll needs, QuickBooks Enterprise offers advanced payroll features that go beyond what QuickBooks Online provides. You can handle payroll for an unlimited number of employees, manage multiple pay rates and schedules, and handle various deductions and contributions. With Enhanced Payroll, you can also file payroll taxes electronically and generate W-2 forms for your employees.


Making the switch from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Enterprise can revolutionize your business’s financial management, providing the scalability, advanced features, and customization options you need to succeed. If you’re ready to take your accounting to the next level, contact Paygration today for a free demo and consultation on QuickBooks Enterprise. Call 866-949-7267 or click the link below to get started and discover how QuickBooks Enterprise can benefit your business.

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