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Why QuickBooks Enterprise is The Best Inventory Management Software?

Managing inventory can be cumbersome for many businesses, especially for retailers that sell and ship products and manufacturing firms that need to keep track of raw materials. A robust inventory management system like QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise can help businesses maintain control over their inventory operations. 

Let’s dive into why QuickBooks Enterprise is the best solution to manage your inventory.

Tracking Multiple Locations and Sites

QuickBooks Enterprise’s Advanced Inventory module lets you maintain inventory across locations. This feature is useful for companies that operate multiple warehouses, as it allows them to accurately keep track of stock levels at each warehouse or site. Multi-location inventory tracking provides key features and benefits, such as the ability to set specific re-order points so you’ll know when to replenish stocks for each location, transfer items between locations if needed, and create assemblies using parts from different warehouses. 

Mobile Barcode Scanning

Mobile barcode scanning makes inventory management easy, as it eliminates the need to manually enter data for the description. With QuickBooks Enterprise’s Advanced Inventory module, you can generate, print, and customize barcodes to track an item. It provides many benefits, such as automated data entry, reduced stock discrepancies, and real-time inventory monitoring. To scan the barcode, you only need a Bluetooth scanner or conveniently use your mobile device through the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app.

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Enhanced Pick, Pack, and Ship

QuickBooks Enterprise comes packaged with an enhanced sales fulfillment process that allows you to easily manage picking, packing, and shipping. Enterprise has a centralized dashboard where you can track important information, such as where the order is picked and when the order is shipped. Yo. can even set up customized filters so you can only see the sales orders that you want to track (e.g. orders that have been shipped in the last 30 days).

Cycle Count

This feature allows you to track your inventory in real time without having to stop your business operations. With Cycle Counts, you can easily monitor your inventory count and track how many stocks are on hand and when to replenish them. Items can be easily tracked through their lot/serial numbers. Lot numbers can be used to track a particular group of items, while serial numbers are used for tracking single items. 

Customized Inventory Reports

In addition to the advanced reports you can create in QuickBooks Enterprise, you can also run customized inventory reports, such as inventory stock by item, inventory valuation summary, and assembly shortage by item. You can set up unique fields in your reports to make sure it includes everything you need to track. As a result, you can accurately forecast item demands, manage inventory levels, and achieve business growth.

Learn more about QuickBooks Enterprise’s Advanced Inventory.

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