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4 Pivotal Reasons Why QuickBooks Online May Be The Wrong (And More Expensive) Choice For Your Business 

Business owner thinking if QuickBooks Online is right for them

The transition from QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, or Enterprise) to QuickBooks Online is a pivotal move many businesses consider. Attracted by the allure of cloud-based accounting, business owners often anticipate lower costs and enhanced accessibility. However, this transition is not without its complexities and potential drawbacks. It’s crucial for businesses to weigh the pros and cons, as some find that QuickBooks Online, despite its benefits, may not align with their specific operational needs, leading to a costly and time-consuming reversal back to Desktop.

Key Considerations Before Making the Switch

1. Inventory Management Limitations

QuickBooks Desktop, especially the Enterprise edition, offers robust inventory management features like barcode scanning and tracking inventory by lot, bin, and serial number. QuickBooks Online, on the other hand, lacks these advanced functionalities. Businesses dealing with extensive inventory may find themselves needing to integrate additional software to fulfill these needs, incurring extra expenses in the process.

2. Manufacturing Capabilities

For businesses involved in manufacturing, the absence of features to create assemblies and builds in QuickBooks Online can be a significant limitation. QuickBooks Desktop caters to these specific requirements, making it a more suitable choice for manufacturing operations.

3. Managing Multiple Company Files

QuickBooks Desktop allows users to manage up to 99 company files under a single subscription, a feature that is particularly beneficial for businesses operating multiple entities. With QuickBooks Online, each company file requires a separate subscription. While these can be linked, the functionality and ease of consolidated reporting available in Enterprise are not replicated in the online version. The cost implications of maintaining multiple subscriptions can quickly add up, making QuickBooks Online a more expensive option for businesses with several company files.

4. Reporting Functionality

The reporting capabilities in QuickBooks Online may not match the robustness of those in the Desktop versions. Businesses relying on specific reports available in Desktop may find that transitioning to Online compromises their ability to generate the same level of detailed insights, impacting decision-making processes.

Making an Informed Decision with Expert Guidance

Recognizing the challenges and decisions businesses face when contemplating the switch to QuickBooks Online, we provide comprehensive, free, no-obligation consulting. Our goal is to help you navigate these considerations, ensuring that QuickBooks Online is the right fit for your business needs.

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Within just 15 minutes on a call, our team can help you determine whether QuickBooks Online is suitable for your business and identify the best version for your specific requirements. If we find that QuickBooks Online isn’t the best fit for your business, we’ll be upfront about it—as our experience shows that over 25% of the businesses we consult with are better served by other solutions.

Ready to Explore QuickBooks Online?

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