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How to Optimize Your QuickBooks Desktop Subscription With Payroll Savings

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QuickBooks Desktop offers a robust solution for accounting, and many businesses opt for QuickBooks Enhanced or Assisted Payroll services to streamline their payroll processes. Historically, these services were the sole options for integrating payroll functionalities directly within QuickBooks, offered as a la carte subscriptions. However, the evolving landscape of QuickBooks offerings presents an opportunity for businesses to revisit their payroll strategies, potentially unlocking significant savings and enhanced features.

The Rising Costs of Standalone Payroll Services

Over the years, the pricing model for QuickBooks payroll services has witnessed substantial increases. The Enhanced “do it yourself” payroll now demands $55 per month plus $6 per employee, while the Assisted payroll service—which is no longer available as an add-on—requires $110 per month with an additional $2 per payroll per employee charge. These escalated costs can cumulate into a considerable financial burden for businesses, particularly those with a sizable workforce.

For instance, a business utilizing the Enhanced Payroll service for 25 employees faces an annual expenditure of approximately $2,460 under the current pricing model. Even with previous, less expensive rates, the cost amounted to around $1,500 yearly. Assisted Payroll expenses could soar even higher, depending on the payroll frequency, due to the $2 per employee, per paycheck fee structure.

The Potential for Substantial Savings

Many businesses are unaware that bundling their payroll services with their QuickBooks Desktop subscription vs. paying it separately could not only eliminate these additional costs but also include enhanced features like QuickBooks Time tracking at significantly reduced rates.  Including payroll in the subscription vs adding it to it as a separate expense offers a more streamlined, cost-effective solution for managing both accounting and payroll needs.

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How Do You Do It?

Understanding the complexities and potential savings involved requires a nuanced analysis of your current QuickBooks usage and payroll needs. This is where our expertise comes into play. With just a 10-minute phone conversation, our team can assess your existing total expenses and guide you towards a bundled subscription that keeps all the same features that you have now but includes your current payroll services at no extra charge, and may even reduce some of your other existing QuickBooks subscription costs as well.

Additionally, our commitment to supporting businesses extends beyond just payroll solutions. We offer comprehensive, free, no-obligation consulting to address any questions or concerns you may have with QuickBooks Desktop. From troubleshooting software issues to navigating feature upgrades, our goal is to ensure your QuickBooks environment is optimized for your business’s success.

What We Offer:

  • Free, No-Obligation Consulting: Tailored advice to streamline your QuickBooks experience.
  • 30-Day Live Demo of Enterprise: Experience the full capabilities of QuickBooks Enterprise first-hand.
  • Over 100 Free Training Videos: Enhance your QuickBooks proficiency at your own pace.
  • Free Lifetime Consultation and Discounts: Ongoing support and savings to maximize your investment in QuickBooks.

Ready to Optimize Your QuickBooks Desktop With Payroll Savings?

If you’re navigating the complexities of QuickBooks Desktop and seeking ways to reduce payroll expenses, let’s connect. Our experts are here to analyze your current setup and uncover potential savings, ensuring your QuickBooks solution is both cost-effective and fully aligned with your business needs.

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