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Automatic Mileage Tracking in QuickBooks Online Advanced

Business owner driving while tracking mileage in QuickBooks Online Advanced

Mileage tracking is an essential task for many businesses, especially those that rely on transportation for their operations. However, while some businesses use automated systems for mileage tracking, many medium-sized and large businesses still resort to manually calculating odometer readings for this purpose.

Switching to an automated mileage tracking system for medium-sized and large businesses, such as QuickBooks Online Advanced’s mileage tracker, eliminates the hassle of manual logging and provides a more efficient and reliable solution for accurate mileage tracking.

In this article, we’ll discuss the automatic mileage tracking feature of QuickBooks Online Advanced, how it works, and how medium-sized and large businesses can benefit from it.

What is Automatic Mileage Tracking in QuickBooks Online Advanced? 

Automatic mileage tracking in QuickBooks Online Advanced allows you to automatically record your business trips so that you don’t have to calculate your odometer readings manually. Since it eliminates the need for manual logbooks, it makes it easier for small businesses and enterprises to accurately track their mileage for tax purposes, expense reimbursements, and financial reporting.

While all versions of QuickBooks Online allow you to track mileage, we recommend QuickBooks Online Advanced for mid-sized and large companies because of its high usage limit (up to 25) and extensive customization options. 

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How to Track Mileage in QuickBooks Online Advanced

To get started, navigate to the Mileage screen by clicking on Mileage on the left menu bar. From the mileage tab, you’ll have the option to use the QuickBooks Online mobile app or add a trip manually.  Note that you need to download and set up the mobile app first if you wish to track mileage automatically. To download the app, point your device’s camera at the QR code on the mileage screen, and a link will pop up.

Mileage tab in QuickBooks Online

To track mileage automatically using the app, select Menu on the mobile app and then click Mileage. For best results, allow the app to track your location. This is very important so that QuickBooks Online can automatically track your trips. Whenever you complete a trip, QuickBooks Online displays it on the dashboard. Swipe left if it’s for business and right for personal purposes.

Next, set up your vehicle by clicking on Add vehicle info. Complete the required details, such as the vehicle make and model, year, and whether you own or lease the vehicle. If you mark it as a primary vehicle, QuickBooks will assign it as the default whenever you enter a trip. 

After setting up a vehicle and granting access to QuickBooks, you can now track your trip automatically. Click on Track a trip on the mileage screen, and then click on the green Start button, as shown below. 

Tracking a trip in QuickBooks Online

You can track trips on the Mileage screen, which shows tabs for Unreviewed, Business, Personal, and All. 

Who Should Use QuickBooks Online Advanced for Mileage Tracking?

Here are a few use cases where QuickBooks Online Advanced’s mileage tracking can be advantageous for mid-sized businesses and large enterprises.

Businesses with Multiple Locations and Branches

Mid-sized businesses and large enterprises often operate across multiple locations or have different branches. QuickBooks Online’s mileage tracking facilitates centralized management and reporting of mileage across these various locations. It enables businesses to consolidate mileage data from different branches, ensuring consistent tracking, reporting, and compliance across the organization.

Companies with Field Service Technicians

Large enterprises with field service technicians who frequently travel to customer locations can greatly benefit from QuickBooks Online’s mileage tracking. Field service technicians often use their vehicles to reach clients for repairs, installations, or maintenance tasks. QuickBooks Online Advanced enables seamless tracking and reporting of their mileage, allowing for accurate reimbursement, cost allocation, and client billing. The system provides a centralized platform to manage and monitor mileage expenses for field service operations, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

Businesses with Large Sales Teams

Businesses with a substantial sales team that spends a significant amount of time on the road can leverage QuickBooks Online Advanced’s mileage tracking capabilities. Sales representatives often drive extensively to meet clients, attend sales meetings, and participate in industry events. QuickBooks Online’s mileage tracking feature simplifies the process for sales teams, automating mileage recording and providing accurate records for expense reporting and reimbursement purposes. 

Large Delivery Companies

Delivery companies operating on a large scale face unique challenges in managing and tracking mileage. QuickBooks Online’s automatic mileage tracking allows delivery companies to monitor and optimize their fleet’s efficiency. It automates mileage recording for delivery vehicles, provides detailed mileage reports, and integrates with other enterprise systems. This allows businesses to accurately calculate fuel costs, manage driver reimbursements, and optimize delivery routes based on mileage data. 

Overall, while some businesses still rely on manual calculations of odometer readings for mileage tracking, using automated systems like QuickBooks Online’s built-in mileage tracker offers significant advantages, including those aforementioned above. 

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