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Can I Accept Credit Card and ACH Payments in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise?

Stakeholders exploring payment integrations for QuickBooks Desktop

Managing payments efficiently is crucial for any business, and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise offers robust solutions for handling credit card and ACH transactions. Whether you’re looking to streamline your invoicing process or provide convenient payment options for your customers, QuickBooks has you covered. Understanding the available options for accepting payments can help you choose the best fit for your business needs.

QuickBooks Payments

QuickBooks Payments seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, providing a built-in solution for accepting credit card and ACH payments. This integration ensures that all transactions are automatically recorded in your QuickBooks software, reducing the need for manual entry and minimizing errors. With QuickBooks Payments, you can easily send invoices, accept payments, and reconcile your accounts all within one platform.

This solution also offers a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to manage your payment processing. Customers can pay directly from the invoice, and funds are deposited quickly into your bank account. Additionally, QuickBooks Payments provides detailed reporting features, allowing you to track your payment history and monitor your cash flow with ease.

QuickBooks Payment Integrations

For businesses seeking more customization and additional benefits, integrating QuickBooks Desktop with a third-party payment gateway is an excellent option. Paygration offers solid QuickBooks Desktop payment integrations that offer advanced features to enhance your payment processing. Some of the most notable QuickBooks payment integration features include:

Click and Pay Invoicing

Click and Pay Invoicing simplifies the payment process for your customers by integrating a payment link directly into your invoices. This allows customers to pay with just a single click, improving the payment experience and helping businesses get paid quicker. The seamless integration with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise ensures that once a payment is made, the transaction is automatically recorded in your accounting system, reducing manual entry and errors.

Customer Surcharging

Customer surcharging is a feature that allows businesses to pass on credit card processing fees to their customers. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses looking to offset the costs associated with accepting credit card payments. By transparently adding a surcharge to credit card transactions, businesses can maintain their profit margins without absorbing the additional fees. This feature is fully compliant with credit card regulations and can be customized to fit your business policies.

Interchange Optimization

Interchange Optimization automatically adds Level 2 and Level 3 data to transactions, helping businesses save up to 1.25% on B2B transactions. By providing detailed transaction data, businesses can qualify for lower interchange rates, reducing the overall cost of credit card processing. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses with high-volume sales or those operating in the B2B sector, where savings on transaction fees can significantly impact the bottom line.

Customer Payment Portal

The customer payment portal offers a centralized platform where customers can view and pay their invoices, check their payment history, and manage their billing information. This self-service portal enhances the customer experience by providing easy access to payment options and account information. For businesses, it reduces the administrative burden of managing customer payments and improves cash flow by making it easier for customers to pay on time.

Recurring Billing

Recurring billing allows businesses to set up automated billing cycles for subscription services or regular payments. This ensures timely and consistent revenue by automatically charging customers at specified intervals. Recurring billing is ideal for businesses with subscription-based models or those offering regular services, as it reduces the need for manual invoicing and payment collection. It also provides customers with a hassle-free payment experience, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.


Implementing either QuickBooks Payments or a third-party payment integration can significantly enhance your payment processing capabilities in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Both options offer unique features that cater to different business needs, from seamless integration and ease of use with QuickBooks Payments to advanced customization and cost-saving benefits with third-party integrations.

For businesses looking to leverage the full benefits of QuickBooks Payments or third-party integrations, talk to us at Paygration. With expert support and tailored solutions, we can help you choose and implement the best payment processing options for your business. Get started by calling 866-949-7267 today!