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How To Set Up The QuickBooks GoPayment Bluetooth Reader – PART 5

In part 5 of this QuickBooks Payments series, we will take a look at the GoPayment Bluetooth reader options and how to set them up. (If you missed Part 4 on the GoPayment mobile app, you can click here to view that first.) The mobile readers come in 3 options:  (1) Headphone jack swiper, (2) Bluetooth reader with swipe and chip (3) Bluetooth reader with swipe, chip, and Google, Samsung, and Apple Pay.  Here is the breakdown of the different options:

GoPayment Headphone Jack Swiper – Free:

This is by far the simplest and cheapest of all the readers – because it’s free – to use.  This version plugs into the headphone jack of your phone and allows you to swipe any credit card into Gopayment.  This is best suited for people that are truly pulling their phone out of their pocket to pay because it is small and can be connected and disconnected quickly and easily.  The downside is that you are looking to accept cards as a “chip/EMV” transaction, you won’t be able to and will only be able to use the traditional swipe functionality.

GoPayment Basic Bluetooth Swiper – $19.00:

This is the next level up in swipers and allows you to be free of any attachments to your phone as it is connected by Bluetooth.  This gives you a 30ish foot range to move around in as well as adding the EMV chip acceptance.  The internal battery is charged with a standard USB cable and the battery lasts about a week depending on usage.  One of the great things about Bluetooth readers is they can also be used with QuickBooks software (2018 versions or higher) to allow you to run credit cards right into the software.  This dual-purpose could be a big benefit for people that want to do both.  Although it is bigger than the first swiper above, it is still small enough to carry with you if needed.

GoPayment All-In-One Bluetooth Card Reader – $49.00

This reader gives you the same functionality as the reader above but adds Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay to the mix. It is about the same size as the basic reader and comes with a “slip-in” docking station to charge.  If you are looking to accept those additional payment types, this is definitely the way to go.

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If you already have an account, then let’s keep going to the video below that will walk you through the setup and use of the readers!

Setting Up The GoPayment Bluetooth Card Readers

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