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QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier to Be Discontinued in Summer: What Happens Now?

Business owner thinking of moving from QuickBooks Premier to Enterprise

Intuit has announced the discontinuation of several QuickBooks Desktop products for new subscribers after July 31, 2024. This decision has raised numerous questions among many business owners, and in this article, we aim to address these key questions. We’ll discuss how this change affects your business and what alternative QuickBooks products you should consider. 

Which Products are Affected?

Intuit has decided to stop selling new subscriptions for the following products after July 31, 2024:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll

Are existing users affected?

Existing subscribers are not impacted. Current QuickBooks Desktop Plus and Desktop Payroll subscribers can continue to renew their subscriptions after July 31, 2024, with the assurance of receiving security updates, product updates, and support. However, we believe this is a strategic moment for QuickBooks Pro and Premier users to consider upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. 

How Does This Affect QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise?

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise products remain unaffected by this change. Customers can continue to purchase Enterprise subscriptions after July 31, 2024, and existing Enterprise customers can renew their subscriptions without any impact.

What is the best alternative to QuickBooks Pro and Premier?

As mentioned earlier, it’s a good time to consider the benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise. Enterprise offers enhanced features and capabilities, providing businesses with more robust tools to manage their financial processes efficiently. From advanced reporting options to increased user capacity and improved inventory management, Enterprise caters to the needs of growing businesses.

QuickBooks Enterprise dashboard (Source: QuickBooks)

How does QuickBooks Enterprise differ from Pro and Premier? 

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise offers many advantages over Pro and Premier, including:

  • Improved User Capacity: QuickBooks Enterprise supports up to 40 users, whereas Pro only includes three and Premier supports up to five. This scalability makes Enterprise more suitable for growing businesses with expanding team sizes.
  • Advanced Reporting: Enterprise offers more advanced reporting options, including industry-specific reports, offering a more tailored and comprehensive view of your business performance. Discover the top 10 most popular reports in QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • Enhanced Custom Fields: Enterprise allows for additional custom fields, providing businesses with the flexibility to capture and analyze data specific to their industry or unique needs.
  • Advanced Inventory Management: Enhanced inventory management features in QuickBooks Enterprise include the ability to handle more complex inventory scenarios, such as tracking inventory at multiple locations. Learn how QuickBooks Enterprise can streamline your inventory management workflows.
  • Advanced Pricing: QuickBooks Enterprise includes advanced pricing features, offering businesses more flexibility in setting up and managing complex pricing structures based on customer types, quantity breaks, and more.
  • Job Costing Center: The Job Costing Center in Enterprise provides comprehensive insights into project profitability, making it a valuable tool for businesses involved in project-based industries.
  • QuickBooks Priority Circle: Enterprise users enjoy exclusive access to QuickBooks Priority Circle, providing them with a dedicated customer success manager, premium support, and various benefits to enhance their experience with the software.

Explore the 20 reasons to use QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. For existing QuickBooks Pro and Premier users who can’t decide whether it’s time to make the switch, read our article on when to move from QuickBooks Pro or Premier to Enterprise.

What if I decide to switch to cloud-based accounting?

If you decide to switch to cloud-based accounting, you should consider QuickBooks Online. For users considering migration, QuickBooks Online offers benefits like remote access and real-time collaboration. The migration process has been improved, and users can take advantage of the free resources provided by QuickBooks. If you need enhanced features and a high level of customization, you can check out QuickBooks Online Advanced.

Learn when you should upgrade to QuickBooks Online Advanced.

QuickBooks Online’s dashboard (Source: QuickBooks Online)

Wrap Up

The discontinuation of several QuickBooks Desktop products prompts businesses to plan their transition carefully. Whether you’re upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise or QuickBooks Online, you should consider the unique benefits each offers, ensuring a seamless transition that aligns with your business needs.