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QuickBooks Online Keyboard Shortcuts

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For individuals and businesses using QuickBooks Online for their accounting needs, mastering keyboard shortcuts is a powerful way to enhance efficiency and speed up everyday tasks. Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys that allow users to execute specific actions within QuickBooks without the need to navigate through menus or use the mouse. 

In this article, we’ll cover the most important QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcuts and some best practices for mastering them.

Understanding Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are designed to help you save time and reduce strain, as they eliminate the need for repetitive movements and clicks. For QuickBooks Online users, mastering keyboard shortcuts can improve your accounting experience and productivity. 

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Essential QuickBooks Online Keyboard Shortcuts

Here’s a list of essential keyboard shortcuts to help you streamline your QuickBooks Online experience:

Opening Multiple Windows

Internet Explorer: Ctrl + N (Sign in to existing company on both windows).

Firefox: Ctrl + N (Not signed in on the second window, but stay signed in on the first; use the second window for working on the same company).

Chrome: Ctrl + N If you open QuickBooks Online in that window, you will automatically be signed in to the existing company.

Text Search in a Window

Ctrl + F: Opens search popup
Firefox: Find toolbar at bottom
Chrome: Search field at top right

Entering Dates

  • Next day: + (plus key)
  • Previous day: – (minus key)
  • Today: T
  • First day of the Week: W
  • Last day of the week: K
  • First day of the Month: M
  • Last day of the month: H
  • First day of the Year: Y
  • Last day of the year: R
  • Alt + down arrow: Opens date picker

Calculating Amounts and Rates

  • Enter calculation in Amount or Rate field
  • Press Tab to calculate result
  • Examples:
    • Addition: + (e.g., 1256.94 + 356.50)
    • Subtraction: – (e.g., 48.95 – 15)
    • Multiplication: * (e.g., 108 * 1.085)
    • Division: / (e.g., 89.95 / .33)
    • Grouping: ( ) (e.g., 13.95 + (25.95 * .75))

Navigating Fields on Forms

  • Tab: Forward
  • Shift + Tab: Backward
  • Space Bar: Check a checkbox

Choosing Items in Lists

  • Tab: Reach field
  • Alt + down arrow: Open list
  • Up/Down arrow: Move through items
  • Tab: Select item, move to next field
  • Ctrl + down/up arrow: Scroll through textbox

Choosing Items in Sub-Item Lists

  • Type first few characters of parent item
  • To jump to sub-item list, type first few characters of sub-item
  • Alt + down arrow: Open sub-item list
  • Up/Down arrow: Scroll through sub-items
  • Tab: Select item, move to next field

Saving Forms

  • Alt + S: Save form
  • Alt + Shift + S (Firefox/Chrome)
  • Option + Control + S (Mac)

Selecting Transaction Type in Register

  • New yellow row: Shift + Tab
  • Alt + down arrow: Open list
  • Up/Down arrow: Navigate, type letter
  • Tab: Select, move to next field

Saving or Editing Selected Transaction

  • Alt + S: Save
  • Alt + Shift + S (Firefox/Chrome)
  • Alt + E: Edit

Mastering Keyboard Shortcuts: Tips and Tricks

  • Practice Regularly: Set aside some time to familiarize yourself with the shortcuts and use them consistently in your workflow.
  • Print or Save a Shortcut Cheat Sheet: It’s helpful to have a printed or digital cheat sheet of the shortcuts handy as you’re learning. This will allow you to reference the shortcuts quickly until they become ingrained in your memory.
  • Focus on a Few Shortcuts Initially: Start by focusing on a handful of shortcuts that align with your most common tasks. 
  • Use Online Resources: QuickBooks Online has a plethora of resources, including guides and video tutorials, that can help you learn and use keyboard shortcuts effectively.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re a business owner, accountant, or anyone who deals with financial records, you can leverage keyboard shortcuts in QuickBooks Online to enhance your experience and improve your speed and productivity. 

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