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Why Should You Consider Purchasing QuickBooks Online Advanced?

Why Should You Consider Purchasing QuickBooks Online Advanced?

One of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing a QuickBooks Online plan is the availability of the key features you need. Whether you’re planning to buy Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, or Advanced, you have to make sure that your QuickBooks software can address the unique needs of your business. 

Medium-sized businesses and larger enterprises usually choose QuickBooks Online Advanced—the most powerful version of QuickBooks Online for good reasons. Here’s why.

Up to 25 Users

Each QuickBooks Online plan includes a certain number of users. Simple Start includes one, Essentials has three, Plus supports up to five users, and QuickBooks Online Advanced maxes out to 25 users. Hence, if your business is continuously expanding and you require multiple users to access your accounting data, then QuickBooks Online is the right option for you. It’s so easy to set up new users, and you can even add an unlimited number of time-tracking only users. So, if you have multiple team members that work on a billable time basis, then you should consider Advanced.

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More Automation

If automation is important to you, QuickBooks Online Advanced can help. While all QuickBooks Online plans already have automation features, QuickBooks Online Advanced takes it one step further by allowing you to create workflows with rule-based reminders and triggers designed to help you improve your cash flow. For instance, you can set automatic reminders to alert your customers of a due invoice or payment and invoices can even be routed on a pre-set approval workflow to simplify the billing process. 

Customized User Access

In QuickBooks Online Advanced, you can customize each team member’s access to your data depending on their roles. This means you can easily control who can and who can’t see important information, which prevents the risk of fraud or theft. This feature also allows you to assign work to your members based on transactions, such as sales, expenses, or deposits, or by their assigned locations in order to improve productivity. 

Dedicated Account Team

When you subscribe to QuickBooks Online Advanced, you can a premium membership to QuickBooks Priority Circle. As a member, you get access to a dedicated support manager who is readily available to provide support and answers to all your technical issues. This feature also comes with free online training which is valued at $3,000.  The training is modular which allows you to learn about the segments that you need in just a couple minutes (vs. one long training video) and those modules can be assigned to specific people if needed.  This allows you to get your whole team up to speed quickly and easily based on their specific QuickBooks roles. 

Unlimited Class and Location Tracking

QuickBooks Online Plus and Advanced both offer class and location tracking, but Advanced is much more detailed as it allows for unlimited tracking. This feature helps you track important activity or data (e.g. income and expenses) by classes and locations to help you see which part of your business is profitable and which ones need your attention. This is particularly useful if you sell different types of products or services or if your business operates in different locations. 

Better Financial Tracking

QuickBooks Online Advanced lets you track more detailed financial reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you gauge the profitability of your business. It allows you to instantly track revenue and cash flow and measure business performance against time periods, budgets, and other important metrics. You can also set up things like custom tags to help you see which part of your business makes the most money. 

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many benefits of QuickBooks Online Advanced. With Advanced, you’ll get more features for your business, such as multiple user access, customized user permissions, and more detailed reporting. You can check out our comparison of QuickBooks Online versions to see how QuickBooks Online Advanced compares against the other plans.

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