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5 eCommerce Platforms that Integrate with QuickBooks Online

Business owner looking to integrate QuickBooks with her eCommerce store

QuickBooks Online integrates with some of the most popular eCommerce platforms to help you streamline financial management and improve the overall operation of your eCommerce store. Online retailers, whether small businesses or larger enterprises, and businesses that rely on online sales and manage inventory will greatly benefit from these integrations. 

In this article, we’ll highlight the top 5 eCommerce platforms that integrate with QuickBooks Online. We’ll cover how each integration can help you better manage and grow your eCommerce business.


The QuickBooks Online and WooCommerce integration seamlessly synchronizes sales data, customer information, and inventory between the two platforms. When a new order is placed on your WooCommerce store, the integration transfers the order details to QuickBooks Online, ensuring that both platforms are always in sync. Also, orders placed on your WooCommerce store are seamlessly transferred to QuickBooks Online as sales transactions. This means that you can easily manage and track your sales in QuickBooks, generate invoices, and keep a record of customer payments. 

The integration also synchronizes inventory between the two platforms. When a product is sold on your WooCommerce store, the inventory levels are automatically updated in QuickBooks and WooCommerce to reflect the sale. This ensures that you have accurate inventory information at all times, helping you avoid overselling or stockouts. 

WooCommerce and QuickBooks Online integration

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Once the Magento and QuickBooks integration is set up, whenever a customer places an order on your Magento store, the order details automatically flow into QuickBooks Online. This includes information such as order total, customer details, shipping information, and payment method. Also, just like WooCommerce, inventory data is also synced. This means that when a product is sold on your Magento store, the integration automatically updates the inventory levels in QuickBooks Online to reflect the sale. 

The integration also helps streamline tax calculations and reporting. It automatically transfers tax-related information from Magento to QuickBooks Online, ensuring accurate tax calculations based on your configured tax rules. This simplifies the tax compliance process, reduces manual errors, and saves time by automatically generating accurate tax reports.

Magento and QuickBooks Online integration


When a customer places an order on your BigCommerce store, the integration automatically transfers the order details to QuickBooks Online. This includes important information such as customer details, order items, pricing, and shipping information.

Additionally, the BigCommerce and QuickBooks integration enables seamless financial tracking and reporting. Sales transactions from BigCommerce are automatically recorded in QuickBooks Online, allowing you to track revenue, expenses, and other financial aspects of your e-commerce business. This integration provides you with the necessary tools to generate financial reports, analyze profitability, and gain valuable insights into the financial health of your business.

Another notable feature is multi-channel selling. With the integration, you can expand your sales channels beyond BigCommerce. You can connect multiple sales channels, such as marketplaces or additional e-commerce platforms, to QuickBooks Online. This allows you to manage all your sales and inventory in one central location, making it easier to track and reconcile financial data from various sources.

BigCommerce and QuickBooks Online integration


The Volusion and QuickBooks integration provides a powerful solution to streamline order fulfillment. When an order is placed on your Volusion store, the integration syncs the order details to QuickBooks, including shipping information. This enables you to easily generate shipping labels, track shipments, and update order statuses within QuickBooks Online.

The integration centralizes all e-commerce-related data in QuickBooks Online. This includes sales transactions, customer information, inventory updates, and more. By having a single source of truth for your financial data, you can effectively manage cash flow, track expenses, reconcile accounts, and ensure accurate financial reporting.

Additionally, you gain access to robust reporting and analytics capabilities. QuickBooks Online offers a wide range of financial reports that provide insights into your business’s financial health, including sales, expenses, profitability, and more. By syncing your Volusion data with QBO, you can generate comprehensive reports that combine e-commerce-specific metrics with financial data, enabling you to make informed decisions and identify growth opportunities.


In addition to automated order fulfillment and real-time data sync, the QuickBooks and X-Cart integration offers streamlined customer payment. When a customer makes a payment for an order in X-Cart, the integration synchronizes the payment details with QuickBooks. This streamlines the payment reconciliation process, as you can easily match customer payments with corresponding invoices in QBO,

Another unique feature of the QuickBooks and X-Cart integration is the ability to map product categories and tax rates between the two systems. This ensures that the correct tax rates are applied to each order based on the products and the customer’s location. By automating tax calculations and ensuring compliance, you can simplify tax management and reduce the risk of errors or penalties.

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