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Cost Considerations When Upgrading from QuickBooks Pro or Premier to Enterprise

Business owner considering switching from Pro or Premier to Enterprise

Intuit’s recent decision to discontinue the sale of QuickBooks Pro and Premier after July 31, 2024 has prompted businesses to re-evaluate their options and consider upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise. While the benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise, such as enhanced scalability and advanced features, are appealing, it’s crucial for businesses to carefully consider the associated costs before making this transition.

Understanding the Costs of QuickBooks Enterprise

One of the primary considerations when upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise is the licensing cost. QuickBooks Pro and Premier entirely operate on a user-based licensing model, where businesses pay for a specific number of users. QuickBooks Enterprise, on the other hand, also charges on a per-user basis, but it offers four subscription options based on the specific features you desire. 

Each subscription tier has varying features and capabilities. Businesses should carefully assess their requirements against the features provided in each tier to avoid overpaying for functionalities they may not need. For instance, if you need advanced features, such as Advanced Inventory and Advanced Pricing, you may consider upgrading to the QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond plan. 

While QuickBooks Enterprise is the most expensive, it is well compensated by its huge array of features. Also, when you purchase Enterprise from a QuickBooks Elite reseller, you’ll gain exclusive access to discounts and additional benefits, like free setup and installation, data migration, and support. 

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Why QuickBooks Enterprise Is a Cost-effective Option?

Enhanced Scalability

QuickBooks Enterprise offers enhanced scalability because it allows you to add up to 40 users, while Pro and Premier only support up to three and five, respectively. Also, its user-friendly interface, coupled with advanced features, empowers businesses to scale effortlessly. Unlike the constraints of Pro or Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise offers a more robust platform capable of accommodating growing user numbers, transaction volumes, and evolving financial complexities.

Comprehensive Feature Set

When you upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise, you’ll get access to a comprehensive feature set that goes beyond the capabilities of Pro or Premier. From Advanced Inventory Management to Advanced Pricing tools, businesses gain access to functionalities designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. This expansive feature set equips businesses with the tools needed to stay ahead in a competitive market. Existing QuickBooks Pro users might want to read our comparison of Premier vs Enterprise to see what benefits you’ll receive when you switch to QuickBooks Enterprise. 

Robust Customer Support

QuickBooks Enterprise gives you access to premium customer support through the Priority Circle Membership, ensuring that you receive timely assistance when needed. Unlike Pro and Premier users, you’ll have the option to directly make a phone call to an agent, and you will have reduced waiting times when contacting support. With Pro and Premier, you have to send a ticket first and then wait for an agent to call you. 

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

QuickBooks Enterprise provides many advanced and customizable reports that help you better understand the financial standing of your business. Some of the most popular reports in QuickBooks Enterprise include budget vs actual reports, sales by customer summary reports, sales by item summary reports, customer balance detail reports, and inventory stock status by item reports. See other popular reports in QuickBooks Enterprise.

Sample advanced report in QuickBooks Enterprise (Source: QuickBooks)

Wrap Up

While upgrading from QuickBooks Pro or Premier to QuickBooks Enterprise offers a wealth of advantages, businesses must carefully assess the associated costs to ensure a financially sound decision. However, Enterprise proves to be a cost-effective solution for many businesses, especially those who need advanced features, enhanced scalability, and robust customer support. 

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