QuickBooks Desktop Payment Integration

How To Automate Invoicing, Create Invoice Workflows, And Manage Collecting Late Fees In QuickBooks Desktop

Man streamlining payments in QuickBooks Desktop

For many business owners using QuickBooks Desktop, the invoicing process can often feel like navigating through a maze. You’re constantly sending out invoices, setting up reminders, and, perhaps the most awkward part, following up on late payments. This not only consumes a considerable amount of time but also incurs costs if you’re paying someone to manage this process. 

Moreover, having to personally contact customers about late payments can strain relationships, creating an uncomfortable dynamic. The solution? An automated system that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks to handle these tasks for you.

The Challenge of Manual Invoicing

Handling invoicing manually in QuickBooks Desktop, while doable, comes with its own set of challenges. The time spent on creating and sending invoices, managing follow-ups for late payments, and updating records can quickly add up. For businesses looking to scale, this manual approach is neither sustainable nor efficient. Additionally, the potential for human error in manual entry can lead to discrepancies and further complications.

Using An Automated Invoicing Assistant

At Paygration, we have a simple application designed to work in the background of your QuickBooks Desktop account, enhancing your invoicing and payment collection processes without altering your current operations. This automation tool is tailored to address the specific needs of QuickBooks users, streamlining invoicing and payment processes to save time, reduce costs, and maintain positive customer relationships.

Transform Your Invoicing Workflow

Here are some of the ways to extend the functionality of QuickBooks by automating several key aspects of the invoicing and payment process:

  • Automated Invoice Workflows: Automatically send out invoices according to a schedule you set, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
  • Email Reminders: Late payments are followed up with automated email reminders, politely nudging customers to settle their invoices on time.
  • Late Fee Automation: If an invoice goes past due, the integration can automatically apply late fees according to the terms you’ve established, ensuring you’re compensated for delayed payments.
  • Partial Pay and Installment Payments: To facilitate easier payment for your customers, the system supports partial payments and installment plans, enhancing the customer experience and improving cash flow.
  • Click and Pay Invoicing: Offer customers a click and pay feature, enabling your customers to easily pay their invoices online, directly from the invoice email.
  • Surcharging: To help you manage costs, the integration allows the addition of surcharges to online payments, potentially eliminating credit card processing fees.
  • Branded Customer Portal: Enhance your brand experience with a customer portal that allows clients to view invoices, process payments, and manage their accounts.
  • Seamless QuickBooks Integration: The system syncs automatically with QuickBooks, ensuring your financial records are always up to date without manual data entry.
  • Customizable Communication Templates: Maintain a consistent brand voice and personalize your communication with customizable invoice and reminder templates.
  • Advanced Reporting: Gain insights into your invoicing and payment processes with advanced reporting features, helping you make informed business decisions.


See it in Action

Understanding the benefits of automated invoicing workflows is just the beginning. To truly appreciate how it can transform your invoicing and payment collection process, firsthand experience is invaluable. By calling 866-949-7267, you can speak with an expert and schedule a free demo of how it works. This no-obligation demonstration will allow you to see in real-time how the integration works with QuickBooks and simplifies your financial operations.


The manual management of invoicing and payments in QuickBooks Desktop, while feasible, is far from efficient. It demands valuable time, incurs additional costs, and can strain customer relationships. A much better way is to add a powerful, automated solution that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, transforming your invoicing process, enhancing customer satisfaction, and allowing you to focus on growing your business vs chasing outstanding payments and receivables. 

Contact us at 66-949-7267 today to leverate automated invoicing workflows for your business.