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How to Create Assemblies in QuickBooks Enterprise 

QuickBooks Enterprise creating assemblies

If you are in the manufacturing business and you need to build items from other stock items—say a bike, you can use QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to track separate items in builds without having to manually adjust inventory numbers. Simply put, you can use inventory assembly items in QuickBooks Online to build and track finished goods. 

In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to create assemblies in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. 

However, before you can build assemblies in QuickBooks, you should first set up your products’ bill of materials. You can set up your bill of materials using an item called inventory assembly. 

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How to Set Up Your Product’s Bill of Materials

Go to Lists and select Item List, as shown below. 

Navigate to Item List

Next, click on the Item ▼ drop-down and then tap New. Select Inventory Assembly from the dropdown options.

Click on New to Create New Item

The inventory assembly form appears, where you’ll be asked to provide details such as the cost of all the parts in the bill of materials, product description, and sales price. Also, make sure to select Cost of Goods Sold under the COGS account. Complete all the fields and click on OK

Creating a New Item for Inventory Assembly

Now that you have created an item, you can start building product assemblies in QuickBooks Enterprise.

How to Create Product Assemblies in QuickBooks Enterprise

From your QuickBooks Desktop homepage, click on the Vendors menu, select Inventory Activities, and click on the Build Assemblies dropdown, as shown below.

Navigate to Build Assemblies in QuickBooks Enterprise

Next, select the item you want to build from the Assembly Item dropdown. You can select the item that you have just created in the tutorial above. You can also add a new item on the fly. 

The Build Assembly form appears which includes the fields you need to build your product. 

Indicate the quantity to build and you can even add a memo if needed.

Build Assembly Form in QuickBooks Enterprise

Once completed, click on Build and Close or Build and New.

The process of building assemblies in QuickBooks Enterprise may feel a little overwhelming at first, but when you get the hang of it, you should be able to master it easily. 

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