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Moving from QuickBooks Pro or Premier to Enterprise: What Users Need to Know

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Now that Intuit announced the discontinuation of QuickBooks Pro and Premier for new subscribers on July 31, 2024, many businesses are now leaning toward QuickBooks Enterprise as an alternative. Moving from QuickBooks Pro or Premier to QuickBooks Enterprise is a significant step, particularly for companies experiencing growth or those requiring more advanced features and capabilities.

In this guide, we’ll help you understand what to expect when moving from Pro or Premier to Enterprise and how to navigate the transition process smoothly. 

Understanding QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise’s dashboard (Source: QuickBooks)

QuickBooks Enterprise is a robust accounting solution designed to cater to the needs of growing businesses. It offers advanced features and increased scalability compared to Pro and Premier versions. Pro supports only up to three users and Premier allows up to five, while QuickBooks Enterprise lets you add up to 40 users in the Diamond version. 

We compared Premier and Enterprise to help you understand how the two products differ.

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Features Overview

QuickBooks Enterprise includes all the features of Pro and Premier, but it goes a step further with added functionality, including:

  • Advanced Inventory: QuickBooks Online Enterprise introduces robust Advanced Inventory features, including multi-location inventory tracking, barcoding capabilities, and bin tracking. This feature is especially beneficial for companies with complex inventory management needs, allowing them to optimize storage, track items accurately, and streamline order fulfillment processes. 
  • Advanced Pricing: Businesses can implement dynamic pricing rules based on various criteria, including quantity discounts and manufacturer markdowns. This sophisticated pricing capability helps businesses tailor their pricing strategies to customer behaviors and market dynamics, ultimately improving profitability.
  • Advanced Reporting: With Enterprise, you gain access to a broader range of financial reports, offering deeper insights into their financial performance. Additionally, industry-specific reports cater to businesses in manufacturing, wholesale, contracting, and retail, providing tailored analytics that goes beyond the capabilities of Pro and Premier versions.
  • Enhanced User Permissions: With QuickBooks Online Enterprise, user management becomes more flexible and tailored to business needs. The Advanced User Permissions feature allows for the creation of custom roles with granular permission settings. This ensures that each team member has precisely the level of access they need.
  • Support for Multiple Entities: QuickBooks Online Enterprise recognizes the needs of businesses operating multiple entities. With support for consolidated financials, businesses can seamlessly manage and view financial reports for multiple entities within a single QuickBooks Online subscription. 

Intercompany transactions in QuickBooks Enterprise (Source: QuickBooks)

  • More Customization Options: Additional custom fields for transactions and lists provide businesses with the flexibility to tailor their accounting system to their specific needs. Furthermore, the ability to create customized user dashboards ensures that each team member can access the information most relevant to their roles, enhancing productivity and focus.
  • Priority Circle Support: QuickBooks Online Enterprise comes with Priority Circle Support, a feature that grants users priority access to customer support services, along with a dedicated account manager. This personalized support ensures faster issue resolution and a heightened level of assistance for businesses relying on QuickBooks for their financial operations.

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Understanding the Pricing Structure

While QuickBooks Enterprise comes with a higher price tag than Pro or Premier, it’s essential to consider the additional features and scalability it offers. The investment in Enterprise can often provide a significant return on investment, especially for businesses experiencing growth.

Choosing the Right Version

QuickBooks Enterprise offers various versions, each tailored to different business needs. The right version for you depends on factors such as industry requirements, user count, and specific features needed. If you need help deciding which version of QuickBooks Enterprise is right for you, then read our guide on how to choose the best QuickBooks Enterprise edition.

Where to Purchase Authentic QuickBooks Enterprise License

While you can purchase directly from Intuit, you can contact a QuickBooks reseller for added benefits. A QuickBooks reseller is certified and authorized to resell QuickBooks Enterprise licenses, and they understand the different Enterprise editions. They can recommend the best solution for your needs. Purchasing Enterprise from an elite reseller comes with added benefits, such as free installation and setup, free migration, and discounted prices. 

Wrap Up

Moving from QuickBooks Pro or Premier to Enterprise is a strategic decision that can significantly enhance your accounting capabilities and support business growth. By understanding the features, preparing adequately, and following a systematic transition process, you can seamlessly move to QuickBooks Enterprise.

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