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New Features And Improvements In QuickBooks 2015

What's new in QuickBooks

QuickBooks 2015 offers variety of changes. Some are small changes, some are larger improvements, but everything is done in order to improve the functionality of the product and to make it easier to use. You will find many options being very useful while working with QuickBooks 2015. The following are some of the improvements and the new features in this software.

1. Improvements in the Income Tracker.

– There is a new option included in the bar, called Time and Expenses. This is a nice improvement in comparison to the old version, as you can check all the records about certain times and expenses records that are still not billed. You have just one line for every customer and all of these records about that customer are put in that one line. You also have an option to hide some bars like the Sales Orders or Estimates, if you are not using them that much.

Another positive feature is that you have an option to create an invoice just by right-clicking on the transaction. By doing this you will add all of the outstanding expenses and times for the customer in the invoice. This makes things easier, although you still have an option to choose and pick what you want to include in the invoice about certain customer.

2. Improved selection of items about orders.

– If you make an invoice for the sales and you choose to create an invoice for the items you have selected, an updated window pops up where you can select the number of items. A new column for selection is added on the left side, where you can pick the items that you want to include into the new invoice. Whatever you check will be included and anything that is not checked will be left out.

3. Reminders Window has been updated.

– This window has gone through a complete functional and visual change since the last release of the software. In this new version, more space has been added around and between the elements. This gives better visual effect for the users that have bigger computer screens, but those with smaller screens will not like much this update.

The section about upcoming orders is also pretty good, as it gives you an overview of the upcoming activities in the following days.

4. Pinned Note.

– The first time notes tab was added and used was in the 2013 version of QuickBooks. There is a big improvement in this version, as you can “pin” a certain note, which will make it primary note for you to see it. As soon as you add a new note in the 2015 version of QuickBooks, you will notice a new checkbox called Pinned Note. Every time you check it, this note will become a “pinned” note and it will show up in the upper right corner. However, have in mind that just one note can be “pinned” per one vendor, item or customer record.

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