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New Features of QuickBooks Desktop  Enterprise in 2022

One of the reasons QuickBooks is highly popular is that Intuit continues to improve its cloud, desktop, and mobile solutions. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, QuickBooks’ most powerful desktop accounting solution, has further taken the game to a higher level with its new 2022 version, offering new features that will tackle many accounting, time tracking, and payroll solutions. These new features are major upgrades that many QuickBooks users have been wanting to have for the past few years. 

Let’s take a look at some of the newest features of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2022 and decide if you can leverage them to grow your business. 

64-bit advanced processing power

The new version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is now significantly faster and more stable using the full capability of a 64-bit processor. What does it mean for QuickBooks users? With this enhanced speed, accounting professionals can now execute their accounting tasks faster and quicker, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. 

Ability to import bills and scan receipts from the mobile app

The QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise mobile app allows you to snap a picture of your receipt and upload your bill from your mobile device. You can then create a digital transaction from the receipt. You can download the app on Google Play and the App Store.

eCommerce Integration with Webgility

eCommerce businesses can now track their profitability from different online selling platforms, such as eBay, Shopify, and Amazon. QuickBooks Desktop integrates with Webgility, providing users with greater eCommerce capabilities including the ability to better manage product listings, automatically update inventory and pricing across all their sales channels, and streamline various workflows, such as purchasing, fulfillment, and refunds.

Ability to schedule and pay vendor bills faster

You can now use QuickBooks Desktop to schedule and pay bills through bank transfer or credit or debit card. Also, you can select how your vendors want to get paid—whether they prefer ACH or check. Once a bill is scheduled, QuickBooks Desktop will mark it as paid to prevent other users from paying it later. You will receive a notification when payment is made. 

Customizable approval workflows

Improve your accounts payable process by creating rules on how bills are approved. This new feature enables administrators and authorized users to set up rules and conditions that will control how bills get approved during entry and payment. Business owners seeking better cash flow and increased transparency will benefit from this feature. 

Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet

The sales order fulfillment worksheet in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise can be used to decide which orders to fulfill and ship when you don’t have enough inventory to fulfill all customer orders. QuickBooks Desktop lets you create various “what if” scenarios to track the effects of fulfilling certain sales orders on the ability to fulfill other orders. 

Attach Documents to Transactions

In today’s modern world, many business owners ditch paper trails and turn to digital copies. From your mobile device, you can conveniently take a picture of a paper document and upload it via the QuickBook Desktop mobile app. You can then attract the document to a transaction, removing the need to store paper copies.

Automatic Mileage Tracking 

Logistic companies with delivery drivers will find this new feature useful. You can automatically track business drives with the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app. It’s easy to categorize the trips as personal or business as well as review routes to help drivers spend less time driving. QuickBooks Desktop has GPS-enabled mileage tracking for greater accuracy. 

Multiple Email Contacts

If you send customer invoices from within QuickBooks, then this is good news for you. You can now select emails from a dropdown list of emails associated with your customers. You can add multiple contacts to batch emails, eliminating the need to manually enter each email address when sending invoices.

Customize Bill Payment Stubs

Bill payment stubs in QuickBooks Enterprise can now be customized to your needs and preference. It helps you maintain professionalism and consistency in your email. You can add your company logo, adjust the format, and set up unique billing information. Additionally, you can now email payment stubs directly to your vendor instead of printing and mailing them.

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