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How To Set Up Products & Services in QuickBooks Online

Set Up Products And Services In QuickBooks Online

If you are running a business, chances are that you are selling some sort of product or service.  If so, in just a couple of minutes you will learn how to set up products and services in QuickBooks Online.  Initially, you will just need to select the inventory type as either Inventory, Non-Inventory, Service, or a “Bundle” which is a collection of products sold together (almost like an “assembly” for those of you familiar with QuickBooks Desktop).   As a side note, the option for inventory item tracking is only available in the “Plus” and “Advanced” version of QuickBooks Online.

When you get into creating the product you will have the ability to add details like product descriptions, SKU’s, cost, sales price and pictures, and the income account that this product needs to be associated with.  Once you hit “Save and Close”  you will have created your new product.  If you have lots of entries to do at one time and you have the items formatted in Excel or .csv, you can do a batch upload and import them all at one time.

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How To Set Up Products & Services in QuickBooks Online


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