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Top 6 Advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond for Your Business

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When compared to the full lineup of QuickBooks products, there are key advantages and distinctions to QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond.  Built for those businesses looking for their QuickBooks platform to go above and beyond, Diamond offers a suite of connected tools that helps you to get more done and bundles the most powerful productivity tools available. Users love that they’re able to manage their business from end-to-end using features like Intuit Assisted Payroll, QuickBooks Time, and Advanced Inventory all in one package vs having to add everything separately at a higher expense.  Simply put, the software offers more sophisticated options for organizations that have more complex accounting processes. Here are 6 of our favorite features. If you’re considering QuickBooks Enterprise, we will walk through the key features that allow Diamond to stand out from the other Enterprise versions and how these benefits can help your business. 

6 Advantages that QB Diamond Has Over Other Versions: 

  1. Assisted Payroll This version of QB is fully integrated with Assisted Payroll. This functionality allows you to pay employees more quickly. Users can choose between printed checks or direct deposit (or both). Not only that, QB will manage federal and state payroll taxes and filings — guaranteed on-time, accurate, and penalty-free. Some of the key features of Assisted Payroll are: 
    1. Have all payroll taxes and filings done for you. 
    2. Assistance from a tax specialist if an issue ever does come up. 
    3. Get payroll reports with job costs and profitability by the project. 
    4. Access your federal and state tax returns and W-2s online. 
    5. Track workers’ compensation. 
    6. With Diamond, users pay $1 per direct deposit instead of the usual $2. 
    7. Learn more about Assisted Payroll here. 
  2. Flexible User Options – According to QuickBooks, their goal with Diamond is to enable more users while still protecting the security and sensitive data. They make it simple to scale from 1 to 40 users (more than any other QB system) and let employees use data from a single source of data. Furthermore, Diamond offers an option for up to 20 users, whereas other versions offer rates from 1-10 and then 11-30. This means many organizations were paying for more than they were using – until Diamond! Additionally, you can choose from 14 predefined roles which are helpful for onboarding new employees quickly and efficiently. Help protect confidentiality by only allowing users to view, edit, or delete the specific employees, vendors, or data they are responsible for, with data-level permissions. More sophisticated user options really provide the best of both worlds: increased user options and reliable security. 
  3. QuickBooks Time Elite IncludedQuickBooks Time Elite (formerly known as TSheets Elite)  allows employees to track time from anywhere. The software allows employees to clock in or out with just one click, take a break, change job codes, or add timesheet details instantly. Users can assign jobs to individual workers and track progress to plan so they can make adjustments and improve profitability. When it comes to scheduling, users can build employee schedules by jobs or shifts and easily edit, publish, and share the schedule with your crew. Time Elite is a favorite in the industry and Diamond users have it integrated at only $5 per user (when it normally costs $40 per month and $10 per user). 
  4. Advanced Inventory and Pricing – Diamond offers the most robust functionality for inventory, reporting, and pricing. Specifically: 
    1. Advanced Inventory: Track your entire sales order fulfillment process from one central dashboard, scan barcodes to enter data fast, and track items down to the specific bin in your warehouse.
    2. Advanced Reporting: Make better financial decisions with deeper analysis and easier reporting. Find the right report fast with templates and create custom reports to suit your needs. Advanced Pricing: Control, customize, and automate your pricing from within QuickBooks. Easily change prices to boost your bottom line. Set price rules and calculations are done for you. 
  5. Monthly vs. Annual Pricing – Many users would prefer to avoid annual commitments. The Diamond package of QB Enterprise makes that easy with a monthly subscription fee based on users, the number of employees on payroll, and other selections. It’s completely customizable to fit everyone’s business needs and companies need to simply pay each month. There is no cancellation for ending your membership. That makes the Diamond package a convenient, low-risk way to take advantage of the comprehensive suite of options QB Enterprise offers. 
  6. Optional Cloud Hosting – In an increasingly digital world, many people like the appeal of being able to work wherever they are. The Hosting option of Diamond lets you manage your business from anywhere. With data stored securely in the cloud, your team has access to what they need when they need it. Whether they want to access the software on their Mac, PC, or tablet, they’ll be able to get to what they need without having to worry about what’s at the office. On top of that, QuickBooks cloud services are built on military-grade, state-of-the-art security, so you can trust that your data is always private and secure. 

Enterprise Diamond packs all the functionality of a robust and flexible system with added options and customizations that make it ideal for more business needs. Still, with so many options and advanced features, it can be hard to know exactly what’s right for your organization.

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