QuickBooks Advanced Inventory



QuickBooks Advanced Inventory. The most efficient way to manage your inventory right in QuickBooks.
Make your complex inventory tasks easy.
Simplify Tasks

Simplify Tasks

Complex tracking tasks are made quick and easy with the ability to perform sorting by location, bin, lot and serial number.

Track Your Inventory

Track Your Inventory

Every invoice, sales order, and P.O. is automatically tracked as you do the things you do to conduct your business.

Integrated With QuickBooks

Integrated With QuickBooks

Advanced Inventory is already in QuickBooks Enterprise so everything works perfectly with no additional 3rd party software.

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Same Look And Feel

Advanced Pricing functionality is already built into QuickBooks so there is no new software to learn.

Lot & Serial Tracking

Enter serial numbers and lots at the time of purchase, transfer, or sale for more reliable tracking.

Track Inventory

For each location, view total items on hand, on sales order, on purchase order, and set reorder points.

Barcode Scanning

Increase efficiency and reliability by scanning items and serial numbers without ever touching a keyboard

The most advanced inventory management functionality for the most flexible QuickBooks.
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
Inventory management right inside QuickBooks Enterprise.

We’ve integrated an advanced inventory management system directly into QuickBooks Enterprise – with the same user interface. There is no need for a separate inventory management system, software, or data integration. All of your business data is located in one central place so that you can easily manage your accounting data, inventory systems, job costing reports, and more.

Another level of inventory management

Everything you need to efficiently manage your inventory is integrated seamlessly into your QuickBooks, so you don’t need to worry about learning how to use yet another software package; you already know how. Intuit Advanced Inventory takes your QuickBooks Enterprise to a whole new level with features like:

  • Track items to specific bins
  • FIFO inventory costing
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Scan barcodes to enter items
  • Serial and lot number tracking
  • Transfer items between sites
QuickBooks Enterprise and Advanced Inventory
Metrologic Optimus Barcode
Barcoding and scanning for simple inventory management

The Advanced Inventory Add-On for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions makes managing inventories of any size a simple task. You’ll notice the complete integration with QuickBooks right away if you manage inventory using bar codes. You just scan inventory and serial numbers with a scanner and QuickBooks takes over, putting your data in the correct fields automatically. And if your inventory items don’t have barcodes, QuickBooks can create them for you!

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Add the powerful functionality of Advanced Inventory to QuickBooks Enterprise.


Advanced Inventory Basic

  • $1,199.95

  • Swipe qualified rate: 1.60%

QuickBooks Advanced Inventory

  • Included in the QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Subscription

Point of Sale Multi-Store

  • $1,899.95

  • Swipe qualified rate: 1.60%

See the advantages of QuickBooks Advanced Inventory.
Looking for Increased inventory functionality? Learn how Enterprise and Enterprise with the Advanced inventory feature compare with this easy-to-use chart.
QuickBooks EnterpriseEnterprise w/Advanced Inventory
Enhanced inventory receiving  
Unit of measure conversion  
Available to promise  
Back order functioning  
Store manufacturer’s part number on items  
Bill of materials management  
Multi-location tracking 
Serial or lot number tracking 
FIFO inventory costing 
Bin location tracking 
Barcode scanning 
Transfer inventory from one location to another 
System Requirements
QuickBooks Advanced Inventory Requirements

Advanced Inventory is exclusive to the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0 Platinum subscription.

The system requirements for Advanced Inventory are the same as those for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0. For more information on QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 and the different packages available, click here.