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When to Upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond

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For companies that are currently using QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier, there comes a point when you’ll outgrow the features of your accounting system and you’ll need enhanced features like advanced inventory. To get the full benefits of QuickBooks Desktop, you should consider upgrading to the QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond. 

Let’s take a look at when it’s the right time to upgrade to Diamond.

In the News: QuickBooks Pro and Premier are no longer available for new users after July 31, 2024. Now is the best time to consider using QuickBooks Enterprise for your business.

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Assisted Payroll

Available exclusively in QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond, Assisted Payroll is a comprehensive payroll service that takes the burden of payroll processing off your shoulders. It provides a hands-on approach where QuickBooks will not only calculate employee wages but also handle the filing of payroll taxes for you. By automating tax calculations and tax filing and payments, you can focus on other important aspects of your business. 

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Bill & PO Workflow Approval

QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond streamlines the approval process for bills and purchase orders (PO). This feature enhances the workflow by providing a structured approval process, reducing the chances of errors, and improving accountability. With this advanced feature, company administrators can assign specific user permissions for bill and PO approvals, ensuring that only authorized personnel can approve transactions.

QuickBooks Time Elite

Diamond also gives you access to QuickBooks Time Elite, an enhanced time-tracking service that helps you accurately track hours. In addition to core time tracking features, like a time clock kiosk, job and shift scheduling, and time-off management, Elite has additional tools, including mileage tracking, project and estimate tracking, timesheet signatures, and geofencing. 

QuickBooks Time Elite’s geofencing feature (Source: QuickBooks)

Salesforce CRM Connector 

The Salesforce CRM Connector in Diamond is a tool that enables seamless integration between QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond and Salesforce CRM. This integration enhances the flow of information between your accounting and customer relationship management systems. It helps you streamline workflows by allowing sales and finance teams to access real-time data without manual data entry.

Advanced Inventory

While all QuickBooks Enterprise offers enhanced inventory tracking through the FIFO method, Platinum and Diamond have added features, including the ability to track items across multiple warehouses or locations, use serial or lot numbers, and assign specific locations and bins for each inventory item. Additionally, Enterprise Platinum and Diamond include a built-in barcode scanning feature that enables you to track inventory items using barcodes. 

Advanced Pricing

QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond offers an Advanced Pricing feature, giving businesses flexibility and control over their pricing structures. This is crucial for businesses dealing with varying customer segments or dynamic market conditions. With this feature, you can set up and manage multiple price levels for products or services, catering to different customer categories or scenarios. Also, you can create custom pricing rules to help you ensure that your pricing aligns with your business strategies.

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Wrap Up

Whether it’s automating payroll tax filings, optimizing inventory management, or integrating with other business-critical systems, the Diamond edition is tailored for businesses that need advanced capabilities and efficiency in their financial operations.

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