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Working with List Reports in QuickBooks Online

Business owner running a list report in QuickBooks

One essential reporting feature of QuickBooks Online is the ability to generate list reports, which provide valuable insights into your customers, vendors, products, and other key entities. These reports provide valuable information that can help you understand the performance of these entities, make informed decisions, and streamline your financial management processes.

In this article, we will explore what list reports are, when to use them, and step-by-step instructions on how to run these reports effectively. 

Understanding List Reports

List reports in QuickBooks Online are customizable reports that provide detailed information about specific lists or groups of entities within your business. These reports offer insights into customers, vendors, products, services, and other important elements stored in your QuickBooks Online account. By generating list reports, you can access comprehensive data about your business contacts, their transactions, and key details that help you analyze their performance.

List reports typically include fields such as names, contact information, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, balances, payment history, and other relevant details. These reports are highly customizable, allowing you to select specific columns, apply filters, and sort the information as per your requirements.

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When to Use List Reports

  • Customer Contact List: The customer contact list report provides a consolidated view of all your customers and their contact information. It is particularly useful for customer relationship management, marketing initiatives, and generating mailing lists.
  • Vendor Contact List: The vendor contact list report offers insights into your vendors and their contact details. It helps manage supplier relationships, facilitates communication, and provides a comprehensive view of the vendors’ information.
  • Product/Service List: The product/service list report displays details about the products or services you offer, including descriptions, prices, and quantities. This report aids in monitoring inventory, analyzing sales patterns, and identifying top-performing products.
  • Employee Contact List: The employee contact list report provides a comprehensive overview of your employees and their contact information. It is beneficial for payroll management, internal communication, and organizational purposes.
  • Other List Reports: QuickBooks Online offers various other list reports, such as charts of accounts, sales tax code lists, fixed asset lists, and more. These reports enable you to gain deeper insights into specific aspects of your business operations and financial data.

How to Run List Reports in QuickBooks Online

Access the Reports page: From your QuickBooks Online dashboard, navigate to the Reports tab to open the Reports page. On the Reports page, you will find a search bar at the top. Enter the name of the list report you want to generate. For example, if you need a customer contact list, type “Customer Contact List” in the search bar.

Preparing to run a list report in QuickBooks Online

Customize the report parameters: After selecting the desired list report, you can customize its parameters to refine the information according to your needs. You can modify the report’s date range, columns, filters, sorting options, and other settings. Click on the Customize button to access the customization options.

Customizing a list report in QuickBooks

Set the report preferences: In the customization window, you can specify the desired date range for the report by selecting the appropriate start and end dates. You can also choose the columns you want to include in the report, apply filters to refine the data, and sort the information based on specific criteria. 

Preview and run the report: Once you have set the report parameters, click on the Run report button. QuickBooks Online will generate the list report based on your customization settings. You can preview the report on the screen, which will display the relevant information in a tabular format.

Sample contact list report in QuickBooks

Export or print the report: If you need to share the report or store it for future reference, you can use the options available at the top-right corner of the report page. QuickBooks Online allows you to export the report in various formats, such as PDF, Excel, or CSV. You can also choose to print a hard copy if needed.

To learn more about list reports in QuickBooks, watch the video below:

Whether you need to analyze customer contacts, track vendor information, or monitor product performance, list reports in QuickBooks provide the necessary data to support your financial management efforts. 

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