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 5 Questions to Ask When Thinking of Purchasing QuickBooks Enterprise

5 Questions to Ask When Thinking of Purchasing QuickBooks Enterprise

You probably have heard about QuickBooks Desktop’s reputation as the most recommended on-premise accounting software. Many business owners who are struggling to manage their workflows prefer the most powerful version of QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, because of its robust accounting features. 

Whether it’s your first time purchasing QuickBooks or you think you have outgrown Pro or Premier, here are five questions you should ask when purchasing QuickBooks Enterprise.

What makes Enterprise different from QuickBooks Pro and Premier?

QuickBooks Enterprise is the most powerful among all the QuickBooks Desktop products. While Pro and Premier might be suitable for very small businesses, Enterprise is a better option for medium-sized and larger businesses as it supports up to 40 users. Pro and Premier only allow up to three and five users, respectively.

QuickBooks Enterprise also beats Pro and Premier in terms of features. Enterprise contains advanced features not available in the lower versions, including the ability to manage fixed assets, set up pricing rules, manage inventory items in multiple warehouses and locations, and track employee working time using QuickBooks Time Elite (Diamond plan).

As your business grows, you might have outgrown QuickBooks Pro or Premier. Check out when it’s time to move from QuickBooks Pro or Premier to QuickBooks Enterprise.

If you would like to try the full version of QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop, click here to get a free, 30-day no-commitment trial plus access to the Resource Guide that lists all the features available in Enterprise.

What are the top reasons many businesses prefer QuickBooks Enterprise?

There are many advantages to using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprises. Many businesses use it because of its versatility and scalability, user-friendliness, and enhanced accounting features. Enterprise can handle a larger number of lists and files than Pro and Premier and support up to 14,500 inventory items. You can input up to 100,000 entries compared to 10,000 in Pro and Premier.

Another reason many businesses and accountants love Enterprise is that it is easy to navigate. It has a user-friendly and streamlined user interface that is as easy to use as Pro and Premier, which means little to no learning curve.

Most importantly, the enhanced accounting features make it stand out from other accounting software. For instance, it has robust purchasing and vendor modules that let you create classes for various items to accurately check inventory status and know when items and products need to be reordered. The advanced inventory module is one of the most popular features—it uses barcode scanning as well as serial number, lot, and bin to track inventory and then move that inventory to multiple locations.

What types of reports are available?

QuickBooks Enterprise has an advanced reporting capability that let you dig deeper into your numbers. With Enterprise, you can create detailed reports that yield more detailed insights into how well your company is performing. In addition to multiple reporting templates, the program also allows you to create a customized report based on the exact needs of your business. Some of the advanced reports available in Enterprise include job costing, job profitability reports, paid invoices by sales rep, sales by item forecasting, sales by customer reports, inventory stock by item, and purchases by vendor reports.

You might be interested to learn more about QuickBooks Enterprise’s advanced reporting and how it benefits your small business.  

How much does Enterprise cost?

QuickBooks Enterprise is offered in four plans: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The cost of each subscription plan varies depending on the number of users you need. Silver includes standard features, like the availability of industry-specific editions, automatic product updates, online backup data storage, and unlimited customer support. Gold gives you everything in Enterprise Silver plus free Enhanced Payroll and direct deposit for unlimited employees.  Platinum offers more inventory-related features than Gold, like barcode scanning, multiple sites, inventory tracking by lot, bin, and serial number, and the First-in, First-out (FIFO) method for inventory. Platinum also adds pricing rules and groups with the Advanced Pricing module  – a handy feature if you are looking to automate pricing and discounts for customers.  Diamond has all of the advanced functionality of Platinum, but swaps out the “do it yourself” Enhanced payroll for Assisted Payroll (Intuit files all the taxes and quarterlies and guarantees accuracy) and adds QuickBooks Time Elite for time tracking.

We recommend that you check which features you need and how many users you have to ultimately decide whether Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond is the right plan for you.  If you have questions or need help with narrowing down the best option, just give us a call at 866-949-7267 and we can help and even let you test drive Enterprise so you try before you buy. 

Can I purchase QuickBooks Enterprise at a discounted price?

One of the best ways to get QuickBooks Enterprise at a discounted price is to buy from an authorized QuickBooks reseller like Paygration. We offer perpetual ongoing discounts on Enterprise compared to the standard Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) price or 1st year-only discount. Our discounts, in addition to upfront consultation, free installation, set up, and free lifetime dedicated support, add tremendous value both in cost savings as well as peace of mind knowing that you can get unlimited help and support when you need it.  

Have Questions? Need Help?

If you have any questions about the features of QuickBooks Enterprise, you can give us a call at 866-949-7267 and one of our experts can walk you through the details. 

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