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Enhanced Pick, Pack & Ship in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Explained

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The Enhanced Pick, Pack & Ship QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is a powerful solution designed to revolutionize the way businesses handle their order fulfillment operations. From generating pick lists based on real-time inventory data to optimizing warehouse organization and minimizing picking routes, this feature helps businesses improve order accuracy and reduce the risk of shipping mistakes.

In this article, we’ll explain the Enhanced Pick, Pack & Ship feature in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and how it works exactly within the platform. 

What is Enhanced Pick, Pack & Ship?

Enhanced Pick, Pack & Ship is a feature in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise that is specifically designed to optimize and streamline order fulfillment operations for businesses. It is an advanced functionality within the software that revolutionizes the way businesses handle the picking, packing, and shipping of their products.

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How it Works

Step 1: Order Receipt and Processing

When an order is received, it is entered into QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise as a sales order or an invoice using the Sales order fulfillment worksheet. The order contains details such as customer information, item quantities, and shipping preferences. The Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet will also be used for the tracking of the sales order fulfillment process.

Sales order form in QuickBooks Enterprise

Step 2: Generating Pick Lists

Using the Enhanced Pick, Pack & Ship feature, you can generate pick lists based on the orders received. These pick lists serve as instructions for warehouse staff to gather the items required for each order. 

Step 3: Warehouse Organization

Ensure your warehouse is well-organized, with items arranged in logical locations. This organization helps optimize picking routes and minimize the time spent navigating through aisles. You can assign locations to items in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to facilitate efficient picking.

Step 4: Picking Process

Your warehouse staff access the generated pick lists either through printed copies or electronically using mobile devices or barcode scanners. As they locate each item, they can use barcode scanning to confirm its accuracy and update inventory counts in real time. 

Step 5: Packing

Once all the items are gathered for an order, the staff moves on to the packing stage. Enhanced Pick, Pack & Ship allows you to generate packing slips, which contain order details and item quantities. These packing slips can be printed or emailed to customers for documentation purposes. If you found an order to fulfill, proceed to send the order for packing. 

Sending an order for packing (Source: QuickBooks)

Step 6: Shipping Integration

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise integrates with popular shipping carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS. At this stage, you can generate shipping labels directly from the software using the shipping carrier of your choice. The system can automatically update tracking numbers and shipping details in QuickBooks, providing real-time visibility for both your team and customers.

Step 7: Order Completion and Invoicing

After the items are packed and ready for shipment, the order status can be updated in QuickBooks Enterprise. Depending on your workflow, you can choose to either invoice the customer immediately or generate invoices in batches at a later stage.

Step 8: Inventory Updates

Throughout the entire process, Enhanced Pick, Pack & Ship updates inventory counts in real-time as items are picked and packed. This ensures accurate visibility into available stock levels and helps prevent overselling or backorders.

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Step 9: Reporting and Analysis

Enterprise provides robust reporting and analysis tools to track order fulfillment metrics. You can generate reports on picking accuracy, order turnaround time, and inventory levels to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

By following these step-by-step processes, Enhanced Pick, Pack & Ship in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise enhances your order fulfillment operations, improves accuracy, and boosts overall efficiency in your business.

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