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QuickBooks Desktop Has Partnered with Shopify POS

Woman using a POS machine

In a previous article, we explained that Intuit is discontinuing QuickBooks Point-of-Sales (POS) on October 2023. Many of our clients who use QuickBooks POS were concerned about how to continue managing their retail store, but we assured them that they could continue using QuickBooks POS the same way they do with the help of our partnership with multiple POS providers. 

In line with this, QuickBooks Desktop has recently announced its partnership with Shopify POS, which allows businesses to integrate their Shopify POS account with the QuickBooks Desktop software. The QuickBooks Desktop and Shopify POS integration offers a great alternative to QuickBooks POS, enabling business owners to continue managing their sales transactions, inventory, and financial data. 

Benefits of QuickBooks Desktop and Shopify POS Integration

The integration enables businesses to manage their inventory across multiple channels. They can track stock levels in real time and receive alerts when items are running low, ensuring that they always have enough stock to meet customer demand. This is particularly important for businesses that have both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Another benefit of the QuickBooks Desktop and Shopify POS integration is that it automates tasks such as invoice creation and payment processing, helping businesses save time and reduce errors. The integration also enables businesses to generate financial reports that provide insights into their overall financial health, including cash flow, revenue, and expenses.

Can I migrate my QuickBooks POS data to Shopify POS?

Yes, you can. You can transfer QuickBooks POS data, including customers, vendors, locations, and inventory items, to the Shopify POS. Additionally, if you’re using QuickBooks Desktop, you can sync all your business and accounting data, like sales and purchases, with Shopify POS.

Ready to switch to Shopify POS?

If you’re ready to move from QuickBooks POS to Shopify POS, we can help you integrate your QuickBooks Desktop and Shopify POS accounts. We will handle everything from installation to setup, and we will also provide you with a free consultation to help you decide whether it’s right for you.

What if I prefer another POS system?

Don’t worry! We have partnerships with multiple POS providers, and you can help you get moved to the best system based on your needs. We have two major POS providers that really have a true migration path for QuickBooks POS. The key difference between them is that one specializes more in eCommerce businesses that are looking for an integrated POS, and the second system is a POS at its core that allows for eCommerce integration.