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Top Reasons to Upgrade to QuickBooks Point-of-Sale V18

upgrading QuickBooks POS

Upgrading software these days can be a real hassle. Not to mention, a safety risk as well. So when upgrading your software don’t you want to know WHY?

This article lists the real benefits and features in upgrading to QuickBooks Point-of-Sale V18.

Intuit is End-of-Lifing Support on all Prior Versions

Arguably the most important reason to update your QuickBooks Point-of-Sale to version 18 is for customers using QBPOS V12, and not using QB Merchant Services, Intuit is end-of-lifing support for prior versions.

When software reaches its end-of-life, Intuit is saying they will stop marketing, selling, and updating previous versions. This means that, if anything were to go wrong with the software, that updates or support are no longer available.

For data security purposes, it is highly recommended to only run on a supported version of any software. One of the most important aspects of running point-of-sale software is data security, based on the sheer amount of personal consumer information that is stored.

Another important aspect of your business is continuity. Any bugs that interfere with your system’s ability to stay secure or run continually can have serious side-effects.

Because of this essentially forced upgrade, Intuit has discounted the V18 price by around $500. It has also reduced the price of additional licenses by another $200.

Ease of Use

Intuit has improved the user interface within the point-of-sale software. With just a few of the functions shown below, the home screen makes navigation very simple.

Getting around in Point of Sale

Easier access to Customer Information

New to this version, you can now see your customer’s transaction history and available balance or credit without clicking the More Info button or magnifying glass icon.

Additional customer details like Account Balance, Available Credit, Notes and History are also readily available on the Make a Sale screen.

In this version of Point-of-Sale these newly optimized features create efficiencies in accessing the information you need by saving clicks and utilizing hover-overs.

Physical Inventory Scanners

Intuit has added back functionality for a couple previously discontinued physical inventory scanners. The CipherLab 8000 and CipherLab 8001 have been brought back to the list of compatible scanners and are plug-and-play for increased usability.

Tablet Functionality

The newest version of QuickBooks Point-of-Sale is now compatible with the Microsoft Surface Pro. This allows increased efficiency with line-busting by allowing retailers to carry the Point-of-Sale system around the store.


Solely from a data security perspective, this upgrade is completely necessary based on previous versions end-of-life from Intuit.

From a usability perspective, version 18 of the QuickBooks Point-of-Sale software is also a step-up from prior versions. Although the changes may seem small, they help to create an environment where users have easier access to critical data.

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