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10 QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Features You Must Know About

10 QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Features You Must Know About

Juggling multiple clients and keeping up with financials for every business owner can be exhausting. Thankfully, there is a speedy solution: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. As Intuit’s most powerful desktop-based accounting software, QuickBooks Enterprise addresses the daily accounting and back-end tasks that keep business owners up at night. 

If you’re thinking of purchasing QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to manage your accounting tasks, then take a look at some of its most essential features to decide whether it’s a great fit for you.

  1. Industry-Specific Editions

No one likes reinventing the wheel—especially when it comes to bookkeeping. Luckily, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise has a solution for business owners engaged in specific industries. One of the most notable features of QuickBooks Enterprise is that it includes industry-specific editions, namely: Quickbooks Contractor Edition, Quickbooks Retail Edition, QuickBooks Manufacturing, and Wholesale, and Quickbooks Nonprofit Edition, QuickBooks Professional Services Edition.

These industry-specific editions come with plenty of customization for cost-effective catering to your specific business needs. QuickBooks users can create customized reports and dashboards, customize workflows, run invoices and contract management, and track inventory and forecasting information. 

On top of that, you can also create customized reports based on the specific needs of your business and the industry you are in. For instance, you can run a report on Job Estimate Vs. Actual Cost for your construction business, so you can easily see the differences between your estimated cost and the money that you spend on a particular project. Check out the top 5 industry-specific reports you can generate in QuickBooks Enterprise.

If you would like to try the full version of QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop, click here to get a free, 30-day no-commitment trial plus access to the Resource Guide that lists all the features available in Enterprise.

  1. Advanced Reporting

QuickBooks leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to reporting and filtering options. In fact, it can cover even the most complex requests. With advanced reporting tools, you can easily create filters and charts to monitor your financial performance and health. All reports from most functional areas of the program are included, including bank account registers, sales tax reports, inventory, and financial statements.

QuickBooks allows exporting your data to Excel or other programs to manipulate it further to get business insights that will help you make more informed decisions. Learn more about advanced reporting in Enterprise and how it benefits your business.

  1. Fixed Asset Management

It is a common business practice to track your office fixtures and equipment. Even if you own a home office, you must keep track of your furniture and office supplies. But to do it effectively, you need to ensure that you have the right software on hand. QuickBooks Enterprise lets you track business assets over time—it not only lets you identify which assets are being used but also helps you track them efficiently on a tax reporting basis. If you need to track fixed assets, then QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is definitely the way to go.. 

  1. Unlimited Customer Support

Among the beneficial features of QuickBooks is its high level of support. When you subscribe to QuickBooks Enterprise, you’ll get access to unlimited support which is available 24/7. This has been a great improvement to QuickBooks Desktop as with the previous versions, you need to purchase a QuickBooks Care plan in order to avail unlimited customer support. With this feature, you can contact Intuit’s live agents at any time via phone, email, or online chat. When you purchase your Enterprise from Paygration, it includes not only the base level Intuit support, but we include dedicated support, consultation, training, and unlimited assistance for the life of your Enterprise license at no charge.

  1. Advanced Pricing

Pricing errors, miscalculations, and other issues can make or break a business. Thankfully, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise has an advanced pricing module that lets you set up customized pricing rules for your products. The automatic price rules in QBE can help you avoid these errors by automating the pricing process. Additionally, it gives you a tool for finding and fixing mistakes that could potentially sink your business. To learn more about Advanced Pricing in QuickBooks Enterprise you can read a summary on ​How to gain control over your pricing with QuickBooks Enterprise’s advanced pricing module.

  1. FIFO Tracking Inventory

Monitoring inventory is just as important as monitoring revenue. It helps you identify whether your product is selling well and make the necessary adjustments to your inventory. The FIFO Inventory Method lets you track inventory levels and keep track of sales information. You can track inventory using FIFO or average costing and switch up anytime as needed. Learn more about Advanced Inventory management in QuickBooks Enterprise. (Only available in QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum and Diamond Editions)

  1. Inventory Tracking by Location & Bin

Enterprise gives you the ability to track inventory in multiple locations. You can easily determine how many items are available, how many are on a sales order and on a purchase order, as well track as your reorder point. Enterprise will automatically use this data to calculate how many items you need to replenish. Another notable feature is that you can monitor specific inventory items down to the bin location level in one or more warehouses and automatically track quantities and serial or lot numbers for each bin. Additionally, you can sort pick lists and item receipts by location to simplify the picking and stocking processes. (Only available in QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum and Diamond Editions)

  1. Barcode Scanning

This unique feature allows you to scan items and serial numbers without having to automatically enter the data needed. It makes life easier by allowing you to print barcode labels from within the QuickBooks Enterprise platform. If you don’t have barcodes, there’s nothing to worry about as QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise will create them for you within the software. (Only available in QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum and Diamond Editions)

  1. Assisted Payroll

When you purchase QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond, you’ll get Assisted Payroll, which allows you to pay employees with printed checks or next-day deposits. The best part about Assisted Payroll is that QuickBooks will handle all your tax filing, including year-end reporting. It also includes a tax penalty guarantee, which means that QuickBooks will handle any late filing penalties. Learn more about QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

  1. QuickBooks Time Elite

Handling a remote workforce? Intuit’s Time Elite is a time and labor management tool that lets you track employee time and attendance, manage your employees’ schedules and even pay your employees through their smartphones. Now you can agree on the time worked when your employees are working remotely and pay them securely through their mobile app. This helps ensure you don’t overpay or underpay your employees.

Some of its key features include Time Kiosk, a system that lets you enter time using a unique 4-digit pin, geofencing, GPS time tracking, and mileage tracking. Explore the core features and benefits of using QuickBooks Time.

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