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Top QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Integrations to Improve Productivity

Top QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Integrations to Improve Productivity

While QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise itself offers substantial solutions to automate various business workflows, you can further boost its functionality by integrating it with other business tools. While Enterprise integrates with several external 3rd party software platforms, it also works seamlessly with some of your favorite QuickBooks tools and built-in integrations to help you get more work done. 

Here are the most popular QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise integrations that can help you boost your business performance and productivity. 

QuickBooks Payments

Built into the QuickBooks platform, QuickBooks Payments is a free “pay-as-you-go” add-on that allows you to generate and send invoices with click-and-pay links as well as accept payments over the phone or face-to-face all in one place. QuickBooks Payments is a simple and easy-to-use payment processing solution designed for businesses that bill their clients through QuickBooks Desktop. Some of its key features include the ability to accept bank transfers and Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express card payments, process digital checks, and accept dipped and tapped card payments. Learn if QuickBooks Payments is right for your business

If you would like to try the full version of QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop, click here to get a free, 30-day no-commitment trial plus access to the Resource Guide that lists all the features available in Enterprise.

QuickBooks Time Elite

QuickBooks Time, formerly TSheets, is a time-tracking tool that allows you to clock in and out, manage employee schedules, log time with a unique 4-digit pin using the Time Kiosk feature, and more. QuickBooks Time has two versions: QuickBooks Time Premium and QuickBooks Time Elite. We especially recommend QuickBooks Time Elite because it offers more robust solutions for managing the employee workforce, including the ability to generate project estimates, track time using geofencing, and add timesheet signatures. QuickBooks Time Elite is available as an add-on to QuickBooks Enterprise Gold and Platinum. However, if you purchase QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond, the most powerful version of Enterprise, then QuickBooks Time Elite will be included in your subscription with a substantially reduced monthly cost. If you are looking for a way to track time, you may want to explore our article that highlights the key features and benefits of QuickBooks Time.

QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

Payroll can be cumbersome for many small businesses. That’s why using a streamlined payroll solution like QuickBooks Desktop Payroll can be of great help. QuickBooks Desktop Payroll is a payroll management system built into the QuickBooks software. QuickBooks Desktop Payroll is available in two versions: QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll and QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll. Enhanced Payroll is a great payroll solution that lets you pay employees by checks or through direct deposits and pay 1099 and W-2 employees. If you’re filing your own taxes, then Enhanced Payroll is for you. 

However, if you want to get the most out of this QuickBooks Desktop integration, then we recommend that you can get QuickBooks Assisted Payroll. Assisted Payroll has all the features found in Enhanced Payroll, but has some additional important features, such as automated tax filing. This means that you don’t have to file your taxes as QuickBooks will do it for you. Other features in Assisted and not available in Enhanced include automatic tax deductions, assisted payroll setup, and a no-tax penalty guarantee. Assisted also comes as a part of the Enterprise Diamond subscription so if you are looking for a full accounting package that includes payroll, this is probably the best and most cost-efficient option for you

Salesforce CRM Connector

Are you tired of tracking down payments? Do you want to improve the synergy between your sales and accounting departments? If so, then you should consider adding Salesforce CRM Connector to your QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Salesforce CRM Connector is a business solution that helps you automate tedious business workflows, such as account reconciliation, invoice payment reminders, and data entry. 

Salesforce CRM Connector integrates with QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond, and it includes terrific features, including the ability to view a customer’s financial history right from QuickBooks, get paid faster through quote-to-cash process automation, and control which among your team members can access QuickBooks. 

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