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Features and Benefits of FreshBooks Accounting Software

Freshbooks interface

One of the biggest decisions every small business has to make is investing in the right accounting software solutions. And this is where FreshBooks Accounting Software comes in, which is the number-one cloud accounting software specifically designed for small businesses. So, why should small businesses choose FreshBooks? Well, this software helps collect, track and send information to your clients quickly and efficiently. In addition, it even proves to be effective in managing front-end accounting (tracking customer payments and invoices). To understand more, let’s take a look at a few benefits of integrating payments into FreshBooks:

Easy Invoicing

One of the biggest benefits of integrating payments into FreshBooks is that it allows for easy invoicing. It has the ability to create recurring invoices, send invoices via email, accept online payments, and customize an invoice layout. In addition, when you email an invoice, FreshBooks even has a feature which tracks when the customer has viewed the invoice. And this makes tracking payments and invoices an overall easy task for small businesses.

Effective Time Tracking

Most businesses face trouble in calculating the overall time spent on specific projects. But by integrating your payments into FreshBooks accounting software you can eliminate this problem. Now, how is that possible? Well, this unique accounting software has a dynamic time-tracking feature, which allows employees and employers to manage and keep track of every minute and payment by project. With just a click of a button, you can create invoices for billable time.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

One of the main reasons why many businesses are integrating their payments into FreshBooks accounting software is it has a simple, easy-to-understand, and intuitive interface. Did you know more than five million people use paperless billing in FreshBooks? Perhaps not, but now you do. And this is why FreshBooks is so popular among businesses, as it does not have complicated and confusing features.

Integrated Payment Processing Options

Where in QuickBooks Accounting Software users are required to manually set up a PayPal account and integrate it into their emails, FreshBooks has an automatic PayPal integration feature. And this means one does not have to go through the hassle and complicated process of manually setting up PayPal via Simple Port or PayPal Payment Request Wizard.  For companies that have moved beyond Paypal or process more transactions and are not willing to pay the higher PayPal fees, FreshBooks allows an option for direct merchant account integration.  This feature lets you to link up a “true” merchant account to process payments by using a 3rd party gateway like  This gives you the advantage of lower, more flexible pricing options and the ability to have the same merchant account connect to an online store, mobile devices and virtual terminals outside of FreshBooks.  Both options allow you to accept payments in the software as well as through emailed invoices.

Accurate Payroll Information

Perhaps one of the best features of FreshBooks is it allows you to pay your staff accurately. Now, how is that possible? Well, did you know FreshBooks has a feature which allows employees to enter their time using the simple mobile app? Therefore, by using this feature FreshBooks beautifully synchronizes the payroll expenses, thus allowing you to calculate your employees’ payroll within a few seconds.

Cheaper Pricing

Last, but not the least, FreshBooks Accounting Software has cheaper packages as compared to other accounting software. There is a “forever free” option that although limited in features may be a great place to start for for a smaller businesses.  The paid packages start at $19.95 per/month and top out at $39.95.  The main differences between packages are number of users that can be in the software at the same time (max of 5 with an additional $10 per month for each user over that) and the features of team time and expense reporting.

Have Questions?  Need Help?

Are you currently using FreshBooks?  If so what is your experience with the software?  We would love to hear your comments.  If you have any questions regarding FreshBooks software or how to integrate payments for billing and invoicing (our specialty!), you can reach us at 866-949-7267.