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Integrate QuickBooks Payments Easily with These eCommerce Solutions

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QuickBooks owes much of its continued relevance to its ability to integrate updated financial technology in real time. QuickBooks payment integration is a breeze even for those relatively new to the platform; however, many solutions remain untenable because of their pricing or lack of options. Do not be caught off guard with a bad choice – here are some of the top performing and most cost efficient payment integration solutions that are easily compatible with QuickBooks.

BigCommerce Integration

Founded in 2009, and with over $8 billion in total sales processed to date, BigCommerce has quickly become one of the leading e-commerce management platforms in use today. This is due in part to the easy integration the platform affords you through a variety of different payment solutions.

If you are looking to accept credit cards and integrate payments in your BigCommerce online store, there is no easier or more cost effective way to do it than with QuickBooks. Our BigCommerce payment bundle includes the full Authorize.Net CIM gateway , which gives you recurring billing, fraud control, and payment tokenization at no extra cost as part of their integrated merchant services. With a quick and painless setup, we can help you to begin accepting credit card payments through BigCommerce in as little as 24 hours.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin and platform that operates on top of an existing WordPress website, making it an easy and attractive option for existing business owners looking to begin selling and taking payments from their existing site. With millions of active users ranging from small local businesses to large entities like The Internet Systems Consortium, it’s easy to see why so many businesses love the ease of use and flexibility that WooCommerce allows an e-commerce vendor.

If you are a current QuickBooks user, combining our payment processing with WooCommerce couldn’t be any easier. With our direct integration between WooCommerce and QuickBooks, you will never have to manually reconcile transactions into QuickBooks again.  All payment information is automatically synced with your QuickBooks Accounting software, cutting down on time wasted on manual entry and reconciliation, as well as bookkeeping errors. Your integration solution purchase with Paygration also provides access to the CIM payment gateway at no additional charge, saving you hundreds of dollars in fees and costs.

Shopify Integration

Shopify app users receive support for over 70 payment gateways as well as a shopping cart protected by encryption, unlimited bandwidth and a unique domain name for business. Shopify’s true popularity, however, comes because of its incredible precise and convenient chargeback recovery service, giving merchants a leg up when it comes to tracking down money. The Shopify app store is one of the most routinely updated feature and add-on stores on the market, and you can easily access email marketing and accounting integration, support for digital downloads and rewards programs.

Shopify integration with QuickBooks varies depending on your layout, but the site has a dedicated page to QuickBooks integration if you have trouble. Although the learning curve is higher, you are usually able to get a better match for your needs because of all the choices.

Payment Integration Solutions from Paygration

No matter what e-commerce platform you use to run your business, Paygration can help you integrate a payment solution into your existing workflow quickly, easily, and with minimal downtime or loss of revenue. Ready to start taking payments online today? Contact Paygration today for more information!