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Intuit Partners with Revel Systems for Cloud Based QuickBooks POS

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If you are a retail business, you have probably heard of and know about QuickBooks POS.  For years, QuickBooks users have been asking for three things:  (1) A cloud based QuickBooks POS, (2) QuickBooks point of sale that works with QuickBooks Online, and (3) a version of QuickBooks Point of Sale that works for restaurants and industries that accept tips.  Well, if you were one of these people, your point of sale prayers have been answered! As of mid-November, QuickBooks has now partnered with Revel Systems to create a cloud-based version of QuickBooks Point of Sale that will be available in early 2015.

Same great QuickBooks POS in a new cloud format

Well, the automatic syncing of payroll data, CRM, inventory, payments, and sales is of course good news for companies which struggle in managing their customer relationships and payments. This way, retailers will be able to gain a more holistic view of their finances and the impact it has on their business.

Interestingly, The new QuickBooks Point of Sale will be a global product release meaning businesses from anywhere in the world can take advantage of this new software by simply purchasing it directly from either Revel Systems or Intuit. At first glance, it seems to be a fairly robust solution allowing automatic syncing of payroll data, CRM, inventory, payments, and sales.  This is good news for companies which struggle in managing their customer relationships and payments and will give these retailers a more holistic view of their finances and the impact it has on their business.

Because the new QuickBooks POS is cloud based can now directly be accessed from any computer at any time doing away with the need for a dedicated computer station. Users can update information on-the-go and gain an accurate picture of their financial situation from anywhere.

QuickBooks Cloud Point of Sale features

To understand more, let’s take a look at a few of the features of the Revel powered QuickBooks Point of Sale:

  • Advanced Reporting and Inventory – With the new QuickBooks POS, businesses don’t have to worry about their stocks being depleted or not being able to replenish them in time. The new POS will automatically update inventory to reflect new entries after a sale is closed.  In addition, retailers would be able to gain advanced reporting about their payments data and inventory. The POS will allow retailers to gain real insights on the history of orders, item discount tracking, product sales reporting, and detailed sales numbers.
  • Automatic Updating of Data – The new QuickBooks POS improves the efficiency of your cash registers by supporting barcodes and by including features which smoothen out credit card transactions for both offline and online businesses. And since the new software is now cloud-based, all payments and sales data will automatically be entered and categorized in QuickBooks Online. The best part is this seamless integration with the QuickBooks Online feature will be available for both existing and new QuickBooks customers.
  • Intuitive iPad Interface – If you have used QuickBooks before, you probably do know how easy-to-understand the interface is. But with the new and improved cloud-based POS, businesses can take advantage of the intuitive iPad interface which will allow users to focus more on customers.
  • “Always On” Mode – One of the best features of the new QuickBooks POS is that it has a new “Always On” mode. Now, what is that? Well, this feature allows businesses to continue accepting and syncing payments even with a slow or restricted internet connection.

All in all, this partnership and the new software will definitely prove to be a hit among retailers and small businesses and may even open doors for both Intuit and Revel to create even more advanced accounting software together in the future.  Although detailed information at this point is somewhat limited, we will be more getting product updates in January 2015 that we will release to you as they come.  Stay tuned!

Have questions or comments regarding the current QuickBooks Point of Sale or the new Revel cloud version?  Leave a comment below or call us directly at 866-949-7267.