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New Features in QuickBooks Point of Sale 2015 (v.12)

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The long awated QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop Version 12.0, 2015 offers far more features than the few retroactively added patches that were almost an afterthought in the last version. The updated version is comprehensive, addresses bugs that existed in previous versions, and overall is a really well rounded, stable, and reliable desktop product.  With a fresh new look (and even a new green logo!), there are lots of new features in v.12 that make it more convenient, faster, and user-friendly.  Lets take a quick look at some of those standout imporvements…

Multi-Tasking Functionality

For starters, the multi-tasking function of this version is noticeably better than that in last QuickBooks POS. Although version 11.0 had a similar multi-tasking feature, this version has a lot more capacity. The new version makes it possible for you to easily skip to another window without completing a transaction. The screen will show a Windows menu and a Windows pull-down. You can click on any one of them to select your desired window. If you have opened several windows simultaneously, then you can switch from one to another with Ctl+Tab hotkeys. We did notice that sometimes, the Ctl+Tab would hang up the screens.  This just means that some other panel is opened behind the screen you are viewing. The simple fix is to use the Alt+Tab to display the panel opened behind POS and then just close it out if you are not using it anymore.

Sales Reciept Editing

Direct sales receipt and voucher editing are debatably the best features of QuickBooks POS v.12. You don’t need to open a separate window to edit in-line vouchers and receipts. Just click on the item that you want to modify and make the change. However, you will find that some items including department, item description, and custom fields will still require you to click the ‘Edit’ button separately.

Transaction Sorting

An old feature that most users really missed from Version 9.0 is finally back. Now users can simply click the column heading to sort all transaction items in that order. Double click to toggle the items in Ascending or Descending orders, make sure the list is structured the way you want it to look and then click print.  Its that simple.

Easy On The Eyes

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2015 has also really done a great job in updating the look and feel of the user interface. The new version iis much more adaptable to different screen sizes and resolutions and a light green background in contrast with black and red text makes readability much easier. Highlights and color shadings have also been added in rows and columns to improve make things easier to find and add some “flash” into otherwise dry business processes.

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Key Bug Fixes

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More Storage Space

Chances are if your business is expanding, you have more data and if you have more data, you probably need more data storage space to keep it all. In response to numerous requests and to be able keep up with growing storage needs, QuickBooks POS V12 includes up to 4GB storage space.

QuickBooks Shipping Manager

If you were using QuickBooks Ppoint of Sale v.11, chances are you had grown tired of contstantly having to mess with the Shipping Manager and adjust item tags for printing. These bugs have also been fixed in V12, allowing you to smoothly perform day to day shipping tasks and functions.


A lot of users also used to get annoyed with lag, locked screens, unresponsive windows, and aborted shells while performing really important tasks. We feel that Intuit did a good job of identifying and fixing these bugs in V12.

On Board Help

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2015 dominates its previous versions in terms of training and practice which in the business world means that you can get up and running and really maximize the full scope of the product faster.  A welcome pop up message appears on the screen when you open the help center. On clicking this pop up message, several Youtube links will appear redirecting you to V12’s video tutorials on Youtube. There is even and additonal “sandbox” test file ; ‘Al’s Sport Hut’ which includes step-by-step practice data to help you work on your business processes and skills without having to worry about altering or changing your live information in your actual company file.

Increased Speed and Performance

Faster speed is obvious in the new version but what’s amazing is that fact that QuickBooks POS V12’s startup time is up to 10x faster than previous versions. That is a huge improvement and means that you can get your day started and begin making sales without long delays and load times.

The Final Analysis

All in all, V12 is an inventory management product that promises to work hand in hand with your business, no matter how complex things become!  If you have questions, or would like to find out more about how QuickBooks Point of Sale 2015 can make a difference for your business, just give us a call at 866.949.7267 or send us a message by clicking here.  One of our experts will walk you through the “in’s and outs” of the new system features and even get you a free demo of the QuickBooks POS 2015 product so that you can test it out for yourself.