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QuickBooks 18.0 Sophisticated Assemblies Capabilities and How They Can Help You

sophisticated assemblies capabiilities

QuickBooks lets you manage all complex businesses and accounting processes under one roof. The software is enriched with exclusive Add-Ons like Advanced Inventory and Advanced Pricing, which add extra functionality and can be instantly accessed on demand. QuickBooks automatically updates itself so there is no need for data or workflow integration.

Sophisticated Assemblies Capabilities

Nested Assemblies

This lets you build all the sub-assemblies automatically within the final build instead of individual entries.

BOM as Cost of Assemblies

In QuickBooks, you can use the BOM cost as the cost for an assembly and choose to allow QuickBooks to automatically update assembly costs and price, with subsequent updates in component costs, instead of manually updating costs.

Where-Used Report

QuickBooks helps you track down components using the ‘Where-used’ report. This saves you time as you don’t have to open every assembly to see where the component is used. You can view all assemblies in which a component is used, and then rearrange the component with another in some or all the assemblies at once.

Add/Edit Multiple List Entries

QuickBooks allows you to work with assemblies in Add/Edit Multiple List Entries, just like managing a spreadsheet.

Sophisticated Job Costing Capabilities

Track Reps by Job
This acts as a HR manager, and gives you a better sense of the economics of the jobs or projects. An additional rep field to the jobs have been added, so you can track reps by the job, or track multiple reps per customer.

Filter Reports by Job Status

Now filter out various reports by job status. This helps you access niche categories like jobs in progress, pending jobs, completed jobs, etc. in a systematic manner.

WIP Report

QuickBooks gives you a WIP report to see the latest information on expected and actual revenue for the jobs in progress.

Committed Costs Report

The Committed Costs report is another valuable feature, which allows you to add POs with no bills and unpaid wages for employees who have spent time on jobs for a much more complete understanding of job costs.

Customizable Purchase Forms

QuickBooks allows customizing of your purchase forms to help you track down the expenses of your business and get a more detailed information on your money flow, to see not only where your money is going, but also where it is coming from.

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