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How Does Quickbooks Make a Business Owner’s Life Easier?

Quickbooks Accounting Pro

For any business, but particularly a small up-and-comer, managing a business can be a hectic thing.  You have to keep on top of finances—like income, expenses, owing balances—and a whole mess of additional headaches, like production or sales. Your life may feel like a whirlwind. But don’t worry, there’s a simple and incredibly effective solution: Intuit’s Quickbooks.

Easy start-up

Since Intuit has helped numerous other companies get a good start, they know a lot about what you may need.  When you sign up for a free trial, Quickbooks will customize your interface based on what companies similar to yours have experienced in the past.  Setup can take just a few minutes before you’re ready to go. Once you get started, you’re guaranteed to love the service within 60 days, or your get your money back; but Quickbooks offers so many time- and money-saving features that the chances of that are pretty small.

Convenient and secure management

In a wireless age, Quickbooks has everything you need. You can sync the service to your computer, tablet, and phone, as well as allowing access to key employees such as an accountant.  With several layers of backups, you never need to worry about losing information if your phone dies, or the internet cuts out without warning. No matter where you are, you have the power of management at your fingertips.

Rapid, on-the-go features

Quickbooks offers a wide range of incredibly helpful features to let you keep control regardless of where your may be. You can pull up instant business reports full of charts and graphs that will give you an idea of where you are, and where you need to be.  You can keep all of your finances on a single, easy-to-use page that tells you who has paid and who still needs to.  With the synchronization of your phone, computer, and tablet, you will automatically receive updates on finance whenever your receive payment.  You can manage your employees, and even pay their salary on your phone or tablet.  If you’re out speaking to someone who orders one of your products, you can create an invoice electronically and have them sign for it on the spot, which will again sync with all your other devices. Do you have a receipt you want to keep handy until tax season? No problem.  Quickbooks can scan in receipts and keep them saved until you need them. The possibilities that this service offers are wide and varied, and all incredibly helpful and beneficial.

Have questions?  Need help? 

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